The higher power – is what I call our “God Consciousness”. It is also known as:” Super Conscious” Which is above both conscious and subconscious. This higher power of God consciousness is the door to your soul path.

I pride myself in a soul cleansing process regularly, so we can be clear, open and available to connect with our highest purpose, being our soul purpose.

The Energy Detox:
Of course, my meditation is the most amazing way to create this intention of energy detoxing.

I love creating a scene where we go to a magic place called “Destiny” and immerse yourself into the purified, crystal clear waters to release unforgiveness, negative energy and wash away all impurity to flow into your soul purpose.

The Cord Cutting Meditation:
Removing Old, Unresolved Energy Patterns That No Longer Serve You. Attachments that you have had with people in the past that you were once close too, both physically and mentally.

Energy cords are old energy patterns that can come from your family, long-term friends, and ex lovers. We form these “energy cords” with anyone we’ve had an intense encounter with, whether sexual or anger. Some cord are good, but many are negative and keep you tied energetically to people you may want to let go.

Again, meditation is the easiest form of pulling those cords from your inner core. We identify it through our body telling us where we are holding onto it inside our body, as our body is our filing cabinets of where we hold onto old trapped energy.
It’s an amazing experience to release the negative energy from the filing cabinets in our body.

Vision Creation and Self Mastery
Once you have upgraded, cleared the old energy, you are ready to input into your cells what you want to create for your life.

This is the Key to Self-Mastery: The element of becoming a magic Manifester of Your Desires, becoming a reality through dropping down Into Your Heart Space and creating the vivid, bright, compelling vision of you on the big screen behind the silver curtain


The power of creating this with a clear conscious and free spirit is a mighty powerful way to see yourself, unlimited, unleashed and in your wildest unashamed and uninhibited success!!!

Fusing the future of the super you behind the silver curtain with the present you, is the key to rapid, easy and effortless manifestation.

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