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UNIT 1: Your Activation Process into Your Divine Powerful Service 

UNIT 2: Your Money Success Codes of Power

UNIT 3: The Magical Mantra’s and Manifestation to Building Your Empire

UNIT 4: How to write copy setting up Your Program and finding Your Niche

UNIT 5: The 12 Commandments to becoming a Prosperous Coach

UNIT 6: How to Attract Your ideal Client by knowing them before you meet them

UNIT 7: Valuing Your Work and Packaging Your Brilliance

UNIT 8: Creating Your Magic Offer that will connect you with Your dream client

UNIT 9: The Creatrix of Developing Your Offer

UNIT 10: Building up the guts to just do it and overcoming fear!!!

UNIT 11: Personal Development Module

UNIT 12: Scripts for Revolutionizing Lives – (A Guide for Elite Coaches)

UNIT 13: Sales and Logistics on Your Sacred Service

UNIT 14: Magic Meditation and Mantra Scripts

UNIT 15: Messaging Scripts for Connecting with Prospects.

UNIT 16: Launching Your program with power

UNIT 17: Create a PayPal link Code for Your Offer

UNIT 18: A Free Call with Your Client (A real life demo)