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Lesson 2: What do you truly want in life? 7 Levels deep to finding gold

Please come with a pen and journal to write

Come on, its time to get real – If today was the day You were going to get anything you wanted in the world in the way of Your own Personal Goal – What is it that Your Truly would want??? ( You must state this in positive terms)

Why do you want that???

Why do You want that???

Keep asking Yourself why until You notice something comes up about Your past – Example – “Because I do not want to have that happen because when I was young……………………….

This is when You turn the why into what????

What did you need as a child???

What do you think was the higher learning???

What would you have preferred????

Why do you want that???

Statistics show its around 7 levels deep that you find the true why behind Your ultimate goal.