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The Master Key

What I will learn?

Course Curriculum

Overview & Live Workshop Training

  • Tapping into Your Genius Zone. Start Here

The Magic Of Your Words Becoming Your Wand: Session 1 Elite Crown Master Key Program

Harnessing The Billion Dollar Energy in Sales and Magnetic Marketing: Session 2 Elite Crown Program

Day 1: Alchemize the hidden wounds of Relationships and Step into Your Power!

Day 2: Energetic Clearing of Self Sabotaging Patterns

Day 3: Activating Your Magic Mantra Miracle of Money and Your Personal Power

Day 4: The Superhero in You

Day 5: Physical Health and Body Transformation

Day 6: Sculpturing Your Self Mastery

Day 7: Integrating and rewiring The Super You

Day 8: A Journey into the Future to Meet Your highest Self – You

Blissful healing of the heart, soul and emotions – Meditation

Live Workshop Powerpoint

Workshop Training 1: Recoding and Decoding Your mind

Workshop Training 2: Recoding Time Line

Workshop Training 3: Healing Deep Karmic Wounds

Workshop Training 4: Revolutionizing someones life in under 39 minutes (Fast Phobia Cure)

Workshop Training 5: The Magic of Your Communication

Workshop Training 6: Last Workshop for August Elite Coaching Master Key

Technique One: Setting up your first session

Technique Two: Harnessing Your Superhuman Power

Technique Three: The Meta Model

Technique Four: Speed Coaching

Technique Five: Parts Integration

Technique Six: Introduction to Hypnosis (A.B.S.U.R.D)

Technique Seven: Introduction to Conversational NLP

Technique Eight: Setting up & acknowledging the structure of time

Technique Nine: Changing Personal History

Technique Ten: The Forgiveness Process to Unconditional Love

Technique Eleven: Rapid Trauma Stress Release (aka Fast Phobia Cure)

Technique Twelve: Dissolving Decades of Being Stuck

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