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Dear Sacred Divine Client

I am calling in 7 sacred clients who I want to work with closely.  

You will get the full treatment of inner healing, forgiveness of past wounds.  You will also recode Your habits and patterns that are pulling you down and hijacking Your ability to control Your life.

 I’m ready to serve my ideal client with my Mastery of Powerful skills that will surely transform You into the next level of Your highest self.

I am ready to call in those who have been downcast and down trodden in their self esteem, and although people see you as confident and capable, you know there is so much of you suffocated under the beliefs of the past that are filling You with Fear of Self Doubt, Fear of rejection or feel of being ridiculed and judged.

Most of Your stifled giftedness is held hostage by the monkey mind that is whispering that you will be less liked if You unleash your greatest self.

I am here to tell you, that I want to take you on a journey of discovery, triumph and concquership.  You know you have always secretly dreamed of being the Superhero, and what I want to tell you is that when you concquer Your Fear and unleash Your power within, You will become the Superhero of Your life.

Imagine You begin with totally changing the trajectory of Your own life.  Healing pain of the past, forgiving those who wounded you and releasing the shackles from Your life.

Once You are healed, which will be in the speed of light, just the way I have proved this over and over again, with over 3,800 clients and peel back the layers that have been suffocating Your potential, You can rise into Your God given gift.

I have an abundance of wisdom to help You to rise up and step fully, powerfully on Your  path as a Divine Sacred Leader.

I will give You the Masterkey to unlock Your majestic mansion of which is Your temple of pure love and light, that is You Soul.  This is the key to Your inner power where you will be able to take control of Your patterns, habits and recode Yourself to who You want to be.  The great news is that because You have the key, You can unlock the same power for others.

I have so much to give You!  I see your Soul.  You long for purpose, passion and contribution.  When you are doing Your life work, you are lit up and on fire with passion.

When you are deprived of serving others, you feel worthless and as if life is meaningless.

You care so much about  people, however it goes beyond your control as You often fall into the trap of what others think about You.

Quite frankly, it is none of Your business of what others think of you.

You are a purpose driven soul and that is why you feel worthy when you you are serving others.

Now its time to become a healthy, wealthy person who can serve the world by fanning your gift into flames and harnessing Your potent power.

You know you are gifted, however imagine what will happen when you take all the scattered energy of your daily stress and self doubt and transmute it into the magic of making you the most sought after person in Your field.

and have a magnetic charm.  When you are in your fullness of life and liberated, you are charasmatic and witty.

You have spent far to long, putting others first and you have felt ripped off, swept to the side and under appreciated once to many times.  

I say one to many, because You no longer have to tolerate that level of life anymore.

You can raise your energy and harness Your divine power and I will personally launch You like a legend in your leadership!

I am so ready to take on board 7 new clients where I wil work with you one on one.  I will help You heal Your life and then give you the power tools to do the same for others.

What a divine gift!!

I am ready to take You through the journey that I have trail blazed and have a rich, rewarding jouney as you launch into the next level as I certify You with the Mastery and activate Your success!

If you have felt a resonation with these words as if these words are speaking deeply into Your soul.

If you area already a Coach, light worker or Practitioner, just understand You require the upgrades to keep You laser focused and sharp.  If you are not where You want to be in Your business, then this will get You on track!

If you are a parent or a lover, these skills will give you the influence, rapport and power to lead Your family in a way beyond what You have ever dones so.

If you are stuck in a job working for someone else, this will give you skillsets that will 10 X your entire life and create full pathway to leadership.

If you truly want to be a light to the world, I will give you the spark to fan into flames your gift through NLP, hypnosis and many powerful modalities including also kinesiology, breath work to give you your life force.

To lean more, you can talk to me and we can discuss your best life.

I am reaching out to You if this has spiritually prompted you to explore the next level.

Jump on a Free Disoveery call and I look foward to a rich, transformative and beautiful life style.

Reach out if this resonates, I will give you a free call and look forward to having a chat.

Terri xxx





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