Imagine You have so much Fear that causes exhausting, over whelm that causes the mind to be so trapped in the mental fog that You find yourself not functioning or recalling information the way You know you could when.
This technique will assist You to clear the blocks that cause stuckness and become laser focused on Your Goal.

In this Sequence we utilize the Subconscious mind to Heal, Transmute and Dissolve “Even” Decades of Stuck Emotions from our Belief Systems.
The subconscious mind is abstract and as you are healing yourself at a deep subconscious level, the use of metaphors and abstract visualisations that are symbolic are the most powerful.

If you hear someone say “I am caught between a rock and a hard place” for example, this symbolises how their subconscious will process the information. Most problems are problems of imagination, therefore most solutions are solutions also of imagination. If you are going to overthink so many problems, the meditation I have created gives you a strategy to imagine You have resolved your old problem. It gives you an opportunity to release blocks and in this segment I have used the sound of drum to disrupt patterns. I have used the Xylophone to create the new found change. The music may not be like a symphony orchestra, however it does allow for the Anchoring to become a powerful element through the use of sound.

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