Grab drink and unveil

I am grateful that I have moved through a foggy haze of endless things that needed to be done, busy schedules, hyper anxiety that stemmed from my Subconscious mind not knowing whether I was excited with adrenaline or nervous as hell with fear!

The fact is that both these energies are the same to the Unconscious.

Yes, it is very normal for me to face adversity at Easter! God loves me. He appointed me and he knows I do divine work. Why would I not be effected by the world energy of good and evil with the power of full moon moving across the hemisphere?

I call it Rolling around in the mud! Yes one conjures up in the mind 2 chicks in a bikini wrestling in the mud. I wish!!!!

For me I roll around in the mud and get very muddy and embody the experience, so I can swiftly rise up, shake, and then immerse myself in crystal clear waters and purify my sinful mind that has fallen way short of the glory of God.

But…….Yep the big juicy butt in this context is a good one!!! But, unlike the days of old when Terri once had a bad decade or a bad year or even a bad week and if I was really lucky a bad day, NOW its a bad moment!

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Some people cannot even fathom it! One minute I am riddled in anxiety and overwhelm and neck minute – Total FREEDOM, LIBERATION AND BLISS!

Well how the Eff did that happen?
Its called freaking KNOWLEDGE!!!
Does knowledge bring Power???
Only Applied Knowledge!

I figure if I can break people free from the entrapment of Years of Trauma, break years of addiction, rid poverty DNA, Release pain trapped into the muscles, Dissolve the karmic patterns of repetitive relationship drama, then I can certainly APPLY MY KNOWLEDGE and STOP ROLLING AROUND IN THE MUD!

I will warn You however, I am fiercely rebellious and a non conformist from way back. I have trained Coaches that have become more anal than myself in language and magic of the tongue, and I have had to warn them when Terri is rolling around in the mud, either grab a bikini and come roll with me, or shut the Eff up and let me get it out of my system!!

I would never profess to be Super Human, even if I teach Super human Powers!

We are all fundamentally flawed and I have my moments! But quote on quote – “MOMENTS” Not days, weeks, months or years!

I always come back to remembering 2 things when I am down and out.

  1. My Family and children
  2. My clients

Yes I live for both of the above. If I say I accept You into my Vortex, what I am saying is that you will be up held into my Energy. I will give space for You and create it in a way that will teach You how to come back to the Remembrance of Who the F@#$ You are and what You are on this planet to do!!!

Once you know what you are on this planet to do, and do not hear me talking to only Coaches, Divine Healers, Mystiques, freaks, and entrepreneurs, I am talking about WHO YOU ARE TO THE CORE AND WHAT YOUR MISSION FOR BEING THE 1 SPERM IN OVER A BILLION THAT MADE IT TO THE PLANET, WAS CALLED TO DO!!!

This lights me up! This flicks my switch, floats my boat and I wont mention anything else for being far to riskee!!!

You get my drift right?

So my message to You here is that You are a worthy, divine and freaking fantastic human being. You made it here on the Earth, so what are You going to do about it???

Yes I have legacy work to do through equipping other highly gifted people to have a white glove transformation, and to build a brand through their zone of genius and launch it like a legend, but that is because I have served many thousands of people on the planet with my gift, and that is not good enough!

I want to reach millions!

Legacy is beyond me!

If I can touch Your life and give You a powerful gift within Your zone of genius then I have reached my mission to launch my own legacy!

I know I may impact one person who profoundly changes thousands of peoples lives. I may not have been the one directly, but I had the gift to launch someone who has a big dream within them like me, bursting to come out who does the work just like me of impacting thousands of lives.

Do you know what that means???

It means I just multiplied the amount of lives that I am reaching!

Thank you God for my adversity. Thank you that I am far from perfect, however You have instilled a gift in me that needs to expand to the world and reach those who may be stuck, or shy, or feeling not good enough, whose magic is held hostage!

I am here as a vessel through God’s divine appointment in me to set the captives free, and release people to rise into their ultimate freedom to to exhort the gift that is hidden deep within ready to fan into flames!

By the way – Did I mention that I have risen from my own mental fog?

I am no longer rolling in the mud! I am clean, purified and even more equipped to do some powerful work in the world!

Who wants to join me?

My booking link for people who identify with this message is available below for You to join me for a meeting of the minds and to have a heart to heart chat, so you can set Your spirit of sacred divine service FREE!!!

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