How My pain of My story transmuted into my frame

For years, I struggled and struggled and tried so hard to make it in school and in life But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that I didn’t believe in myself. I was sacked from 8 jobs in a row by 19 years of age. But i soon discovered that I was missing one little known secret...


Yes at a deep core fundamental level I knew I was flawed, Certain clues of hope showed up

I spoke with conviction even as young as 12 about peoples rights
I came to life on stage
I was a dreamer
I told stories
I had a vivid imagination
I had a weird magic intuition beyond comprehension
I had a gift to heal
I could see inside a person’s soul
I had a passion for humanity
I backed the underdog
I esteemed the downtrodden
And I could sell ice creams to Eskimos
I had a low self-esteem so I was driven and aimed high but would knock around with the rif raff

People in high calibres would see something in me that I refused to look at I was broken with little or no self belief so I would stay stuck where I felt safe One day my whole life changed. After my life took a sharp right turn and I had to leave behind so much including my first marriage with a child hood sweet heart and a whole community, my inner fierce lioness emerged.

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I dropped the old story, shifted my perspective on my own self worth and 10 Xd my confidence, self belief and up levelled in every area of my life, They say to never forget where you came from and I am eternally grateful for the years of low self worth and the battlefield of my mind as I became enamoured, empowered and profoundly transformed through Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP!

The best part? They don’t even have to know what the limiting beliefs are!

These techniques go deep inside the subconscious mind and ERASE the counter-intentions and limiting beliefs stopping them from achieving the life they know they deserve.

These clearing techniques make radical change at the speed of light. That is why I began teaching the powerful modalitiesin 2007.

Thousands of people changed profoundly and built lives on legacy.

Today I have created something beyond colour, graphics and branding. Today I have taken my world class technology and created The White Glove of Transformation and I am helping passionate people to build a brand based upon a heart centred passion to change people within the proven experience they receive from my service .

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