How to magnetically Attract Your Avatars!

This morning I received a message from a high-achieving ambitious women who works with Celebrities. She asked me for a reminder about my up-and-coming New Moon Meditation.

This is exactly what my teaching in the magnetic attraction of the right people embodies – They will want You and this be magically magnetic in its power!

The week before I received a message telling me, from another – “I’m still getting reminders”

This is classically known as polarising!!!

My team asked me –“Why are you in a Chat with someone who does not support Your mission?”

Omg what a Grand Slam question that was 😯

My teaching states – Be prepared to polarize people, without attached emotion in Your service, if You are creating an Epic Business at a High Level. Especially if it’s Your own Service Brand!

It’s not about attracting everyone, that waters down the power!

it’s about aligning with exactly the right people!

Yes – High Achievers “Less is More”

What would You prefer More people more popularity but less money and more time consumed?

Or Less people, high-level Service, less time-wasting, and more money?

Not all will agree with this philosophy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Don’t waste your time or energy on the wrong things or the wrong people- they will wear you out!

Choose honesty, integrity, full ownership over popularity as the people-pleasing trap has an expiry date always!

Collaborate, Co-operate and Co-Create only with those in line with Your Mission!

Remember to be kind, courteous, honest, and yet ruthless like Your Royalty!

You deserve it!!!

Terri xxx