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Is it true that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?


I believe this is more a metaphor about life. The greater it becomes the even greater it gets and this is a true fact. But when You are on a roll you are on a roll, and this unfortunately can be on the down hill slide.


I know when I was having massive problem before becoming a Coach I was certainly on a roll


No job


No house


No money


Felt like shiz


Looked older than I do now and that was 14 years ago


I was sick and as soon as I would recover, I would catch another cold or flu going around.


That was my “Eff this Shiz” for a bad joke moment. The dripping tap had to stop!


Why didn’t anyone tell me that when you change 3 significant events in Your life, You get a domino effect that knocks out all the other crap?


Well that was 14 years ago! I soon began teaching other coaches what I know because I noticed that when Your mind changes, your body changes and when your body changes, your health changes and when your health, body and mind change, guess what?




I even had men telling me they have become a chick magnet, and finance has rolled in from everywhere.


I have women making decisions that they could never once make because they found their courage, their self esteem and their life purpose.


What can I say – I am living into my purpose as a classic example of being nearly 55 years old and looking, feeling and being at my best in life now!


Its never to late! Its only to late if you never decide!!!


Decide today to make the first move to build a rock solid foundation with our principles for health, wealth, success and freedom Join us for our Free 5 day boot camp coming up




AWST: 12th October 12 Noon continuing for 5 days at same time. Click here to gain ACCESS https://terrimessenger.com/activate-your-transformation-miracle/
Dr Ian and myself will be live launching 2 new coaches as we present this exclusive Activation Transformation Miracle, so You get to build a rock solid foundation mind and body.


We are also offering this Mastery for Elite Coaches who are dedicated to legacy work and learning this as a part of our Elite Coaching System.


Terri xxx



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