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There is nothing worse than the chatter of the mind to suffocate Your success.  This is what happens when You know You need to do something to move ahead, like a livestream, a phone call, starting that new project you have been thinking about for God knows how long and any action that will take You to the next level, however You find Yourself procrastinating, putting it off and just not getting around to it.


This is the ghost of the past, that is whispering in Your ear those stories, that cause the emotion.  Of course, since emotion has everything to do with energy, the wrong energy can stifle Your confidence.

This is the part where I am going to confess to you, that I myself have been guilty of procrastinating against many things, I know need to be done.


This is how the mind works – 

Firstly, you say to yourself or someone else.  I really need to get on with that project today!  In my case, it occurrs with the things people who know me well would never believe.  Its about doing a live stream and showing up or wrting a post or blog.  YES, many people automatically think because I am on social media a lot, that I am confident enough to always show up!


This is not true!  In fact it is often the obstacles we overcome that will take us to the next level and give us the right and the authority to speak on it!


This is also the secret of being a great Coach!  In fact I should have titled this blog – “HOW TO BECOME A GREAT COACH”.

To become really great at anything, means You overcame adversity!

Yes, You had to struggle first and fail forward to do it.

This builds guts, grita and the power of knowledge.

There is no knowledge better than the knowledg of implementing what You know and when its something You have learned, this makes it great!!

There are many things in my life, that I care less to be epically successful at.  For example my domestic skills are bad, however do I want to become a domestic Goddess??? No!!

I have endured a lot of failure and let down in my life, especially as I was sacked from 8 jobs in a row, did I want to succeed in my career???

You bet Your life!!

I felt inadequate growing up and like the black sheep of the class, the group and even the family where I had developed a story that I was a left over, my life was meaningless and unimportant.  Did I want to become someone of great signficance???

100% right!!

Its our struggles and the void in our life that leaves us with an empty hole of sadness and hopelessness that we develop a desire to have in life.

Its the big injustices that occurr that really impact our life and cause us to feel angry, disjointed and left even begrudging the people or the situation that you witness to be so unjust, that You develop a passion to change!

So next time You find Yourself coming under attack of the monkey mind, take Yourself through the process of remmembering the words you have just read.  Allow them to really land within You so You know You are not alone and that Your greatest gift to the world, could be founded in Your biggest trial!

My question to you, especially in the important elements of life that You may be putting off…..The question is – What is the biggest challenge You need to break through today to do the thing, that you have been putting off for so long???

Are You putting off what you need to do and procrastinating to save Yourself from the Fear within!  What fear is it???

The fear of Failure

The fear of being ridiculed

The fear of being judged

The fear of being rejected

The fear of succeeding and being disliked

Once You  understand what the Fear is then reamember this…….. Fear is the acronym for the following 

F – False 

E – Evidence

A- Appearing 

R – Real

Did you know, there is nobody out there contemplating any of the above about you.  They are to busy feeling their own fear and wondering how to get over it!!

One of my programs – The Master Key System has a modality for every limiitation I had myself and what I saw others suffering.  I designed a Certification where I created a blend of many of the most potent powerful techniques and put them together.  This is because, I know by designing scripts with the most powerful steps that lead You to freedom and help You to unlock Your client or loved ones problem – it takes all of the guess work out of how to literally help yourself and others from A to Z.  I have created the full system to take you through every step!

For a free call on how to map out Your life and move from A to Z to arrive at Your Epic Successful Destination – here is the link for a free call to discuss how https://calendly.com/meschiro-1/45-min

Chat soon

Terri xxx












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