One of the biggest pharmaceutical giants is in the industry of depression, anxiety and most cases being over at a number so phenomenal that it would put anti depression medication out of business.

One of the biggest break throughs for enlightened Coaches, Healers and Leaders is that sudden emotions of despair, sadness, and negative emotion, are simply a radar to say things are off course and to redirect the course that You are on.

I know what it feels like to experience debilitating feelings of sadness and even panic and it’s a very lonely, isolated space, that tricks the person into staying in hiding and not revealing the shame of what is spiraling in one’s life.

People are so afraid of change whereby they require to take an act of boldness and courage to listen to their soul.  I know what its like to feel trapped in a situation and yet not to want to take the measures of making the change, because it seemed easier to suffer in the emotion that was holding me captive, rather than stepping out of my comfort zone and deciding based upon the lead.

Why do we continue to do what we have always done even when we feel stuck?

This is a big question for the subconscious mind of all people, and its important to know, that the subconscious mind is the infinitely automated ingenious part of our whole system, that prefers routine, system and being in the repetitive old patterns of what it was laid down at birth to do and that is function our entire nervous system.

So, when we open up this topic of emotional baggage that just keeps us stuck in those old rituals, take a moment to appreciate, that this part of our brain is functioning every part of our body including our heartbeat and blood circulation.  If the body tried to say – Let’s not beat that same beat and take a break for a while, we would be in serious trouble.

This is the biggest reason why us strange humans, continue to stay comfortably numb or stuck in old patterns, because it’s the subconscious running the show and it does not like recreating the wheel.

So spare a thought if Your in a destructive relationship, or a an addiction that you know is slowly taking you onto a spiral downward decline, the only reason people do not change, is not because they are stuffed in the head, but because it’s the most infinite intelligent part of our nervous system running the show.

The 64-million-dollar question is, if my subconscious mind is running the show, and my body is telling me that I require to take steps into a new direction, what is preventing me to create the change?

This is the golden question that holds the Master Key to Unlocking the Kingdom to Your greatest life of health, wealth, success and freedom.

You’re to gutless to make the change because Your subconscious holds a higher purpose for you to stay addicted to what you are addicted too, to remaining stuck in the life that you are a slave too, and to be chained to the sabotaging patterns your accustomed too.

Yep, its like that bad boyfriend that you keep going back too because of that strange thing called chemistry!

But even whilst on the topic, even those heart fluttering, knee shaking feelings that you get around that person, its really your body telling you its dangerous.

If there is one thing that sticks with me that Mum always says – “Allow Peace to be Your Umpire”.

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