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Magical Journey Back to the Future to Create the Super You

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Now, come with me on the Magical Adventure Back to the Future…..To clear the past and Upgrade You to the Level You Desire and Deserve.


Imagine what Your life would be like, if You could change that negative pattern that just seems to come back and haunt You!

What if You could Take the wisdom You have today and go back in time to make the changes, so You could show up tomorrow with the habits of A Billionaire?

The New Vibe that will Attract Your Ultimate Tribe.

The Habits Of Your True Inner Guru, that is Aching to Break out.

This is not really about changing your past, its about empowering Your future!!!


Please Explain Terri……

OK, so here it is – Your Subconscious does not know the difference between fantasy & Reality. It it also has no sense of right or wrong.  Now here’s the real clanger….In the Subconscious, Time is an illusion -Albert Einstein.

This means that every decision You are making today is done in automatic mode, influenced by Your past!!


Did you know that every single belief and pattern You do is as a result of what You saw, heard and experienced from Your past?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Mastery in NLP & Time Line Therapy as well as Kinesiology – I have stood the test of time to see the results on how many people’s lives turned around, simply because we cleared the pain and bad habits of the past from the subconscious. 

Outcome? People transformed their mind, their body and their life!!!

Yes, that’s right, in hundreds of my case studies. clients catapulted from the dept of despair to great heights of unfathomable freedom!!!!

My life was the testimony to this when I experienced a dramatic transformation in 2006.

My whole constitution changed…I grew 1 cm at age 40 and walked with power for the first time in my life and my friends and family were absolutely astounded!

The fog was removed from my eyes,  creating brighter more sparkly mirrors to my soul.

I became a Therapist in this field and have never looked back!!!

I am now making a solid stand for You.

If this is You – 

You know deep down inside You there is so much more for You to achieve.

You have goals and aspirations that are bigger than the life You are currently living.

You know at the core of Yourself, You are blocked by habits, fears and patterns that are playing on repeat.

Yes, its true that unless we are prepared for a spiritual expansion of the mind, we will just keep on going around in circles and keep getting what we have always got!!

You may only want to do this now if You’re part of my tribe and lets face it,   if this aligns with You – You will not be prepared to settle for what You have had up until now, for the rest of Your life….

In fact, if there is a soul connection here – You will be hungry for more!!!!

I am proud to stand up and be counted and say I am among the 5% who treat my mind, like a body builder treats their body!!!  I’m on a pursuit for excellence!!



 Here is what I am going to give You!!!

Part 1 – A full in depth journey, taking Your subconscious back to the future  –  to clear the pattern, the DNA, the bad habits that are blocking You from moving forward today.

The Re-creation of Empowering You to become the Master for Your Destiny, through coding patterns that upgrade You to to a whole new level.

Full alignment with Your Soul Purpose to flow You with ease on the pathway You truly desire. 

Part 2 – A spiritual journey into a blissful, peaceful and tranquil soul cleansing meditation.

Part 3 – Quantum Leaping You into Your newly designed mind, body and lifestyle where You can experience what its like to touch, taste, sense and feel the New Unleashed, Unshackled and Free Super You!!!


So if You’re curious about what others ask? – “Terri, whats the format? And is online as powerful as real life”???

The answer is – The format is designed for people who want to be free to do this whenever they want and with absolute ease!  It varies from person to person with what they would prefer. However, what I have come to know,  is that when You have it in Your hands forever, it does not come much better than this,  Your life long resource and investment!

IS IT YOUR TIME TO STEP INTO YOUR POWER??? If Your Soul is hearing me, and You’re ready to say “Terri I am ready to STOP that one thing that is holding me back” Then this is all You need to do to go through…….

Click the link below. 

Ensure you tick terms and conditions.

One simple payment of $77 and the Program is Yours. 

You will get a notification about When it goes live and You have the Freedom to Do It When It suits YOU!

I cannot wait to take this journey with You, Back to the Future to Create the Super You

Terri xx
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