People grow up conditioned by the Bull Sh#$ stories that impact their lives.

They learn their parents traditions and belief systems around relationships.

We make meaning to what is expected of us in our lives! Watch the right age to marry. Beliefs around relationships.

We have been conditioned by the way that people treat us and yet quite often when people let us down, disappoint or even create pain and Hurt in our lives – this information is stored in our muscle as memory and we can be treated by other people, that reflect the pain of our past.

In this week’s meditation you will learn how to recondition your belief system and release the pain and hurt of the past!

You will have the opportunity to recode yourself from the beginning of time dissolving ancestral inherited beliefs & patterns!

This powerful meditation will help you need to go back to the original blueprint and change it for the better, with love joy, peace, serenity – so you can stand in your own truth and attract all the right people into your life!

Enjoy the integration of this meditation that will set you free from the pain of the past – empowering you with confidence and self-love for the future!

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