This week I want to talk about the Circle of Life, or should I say the Cycle of Life.

We are born into our Family of origin. We choose our parents and those who are on this journey with us, because on some deep spiritual connection, these significant people are here to teach us so many things.

We grow up and meet with the natural hurdles of life. Sometimes we are let down, sometimes we feel mistreated. We also experience the full circle of loss.

We attach loss of loved ones, loss of friendships and relationships to a deep wound. Yet the wound is the space of where the light can shine through.

In the magical world of NLP, I teach Coaches and I mentor clients how to shift the perception around pain, loss, trauma, guilt, fear and worry and come to know it’s like the smorgasbord of life.

How does this work??? We are of Human flesh that suffers these elements. We are also of infinite spirit that is our higher self. It’s the part that no one can take from You.

People can rob someone of dignity. People can take Your possessions. People may even take a piece of your heart that causes grief and loss and Yet no one person on the planet can rob you of Your infinite spirit.

Let that land for a moment.

So imagine being able to tap into that infinite spirit where you can rise above humanity and collapse time and go back to a place before any generation. A place of love and light. A space where only the perfection timeless part of you can travel to release and set you free from the struggles You had in the world.

This is a powerful exercise and meditation that I specialise in and pride myself to Coach and Train others in the divine healing.

When You understand the Law of Reaping and Sewing and the concept that there is no emotional pain that cannot be conquered, that is when You can look forward to emotional freedom.

In the journey of Meditation that will be uploaded with this sequence, you will enjoy that deep connection with the infinite part of Your higher self.

You will be able to go back to before Your birth and even before the first generation so You can rest in the space of love and light.

You can understand that Your life was written before you lived it. You have in this sequence and teaching the opportunity to learn from Your greatest pain and your biggest story and understand that those moments of hardship, become your greatest story.

You even get to recreate Your life with the spiritual gifts and virtues that you know in advance you need. Great strength, Power, Resilience, Love, Light, Peace, Patience, Self-Love and Self worth.

This is a powerful sequence that will transmute Your greatest pain and give you all the new spiritual gifts of living into Your most upgraded future.

Enjoy the segment of collapsing time, releasing pain and claiming Your Power to live into Your greatest goals.

Stay tuned for special edition of Meditation I drop into my hub that will be inserted here for Coaching, Training and Mentoring purposes.

Terri xxx

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