Holding onto past hurt from past relationships and feeling resentment, is like swallowing poison and expecting those you feel bitter toward to suffer.

When we do not let go of the past, the patterns will repeat on us until we have learned what it is we need for our life.

Going through a process of clearance where you can rise up out of your worldly problems and move into a timeless space, is a true gift to the Soul.

Imagine if we could go back and heal the past relationships and disappointments and give the inner child in ourselves the gift of forgiveness, wisdom and the power of resources that will attract rich relationships.

Indeed we have the gift of imagination. So in this gift we can travel any where in time and heal our wounds and broken parts so we can Code ourselves for love, respect, importance, connection and all we need to bring back through time to the present.

What a great gift!!!

We can choose to feel bitter and keep on suffering or we can choose to let go and create a pathway of being a Master of our own Destiny!!

Here is the recipe for forgiveness
1. Empathy – This is considered the highest form of knowledge. Dale Carnegie refers to it in his book – ‘How to win friends and influence people”
2. Learning in relation to all your hurt and pain
3. Gratitude – Being thankful for all the goodness around you
4. Love – A pure love that comes as close to God’s unconditional love as possible
5. Visualization of your future of freedom
6. Connecting to your super you from every sense of your being
7. Ecological Check and integration process

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