Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships firstly means that You need to become Who You want to Attract!!!

One of my biggest discoveries in human behavior was becoming aware of what I saw in others was reflected in myself.

If there was a trait I literally despised in another, it was the blind spot inside me.


What about those who hurt or afflicted me????

Some may find this hard to take – however they were still projecting back to us – what our energy was attracting!

You may be thinking “What about the victims”??? I am sure I could relate to classifying myself in this category too and the fact is we all can in some shape way or form. So what is the answer???

The answer is – that a dog can smell fear and will be attracted to the one oozing that energy. Therefore I hate to break it, if You suffered it, You gave off the energy of it.

And NO it does not mean it is YOUR FAULT – It just means that YOU need to become aware of what You are calling in to Your life.

So here is the good news – What if I told You that the people who hurt You the most are Your greatest Teachers.

What if I said here – that these old negative relationships are a gift!!!

When You come to understand what it has given You in Your life such as
More resilience
More ability to sustain criticism
More power to withstand pressure in certain circumstances

Of course these are just a few – What is the gift of Your character as a result of hard knocks in Your relationships???

My favorite past time is giving people the resources to recognize the gift and handing them the remote control to dissolve the structure and transmute the negative energy into one that is designed to give all You deserve!

Yes, You deserve to be set free from the old as the past is now only an illusion and all that is left is really the gift or memory – So claim Your power, Stand in Your Truth and Become all You were truly born to be!!!

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