Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships is all about who You are being rather than what You are doing.

When You are so present in the moment and at one with the world as it is, You will be Your most magnetic.

While I was making the Meditation I went back to my 6 Year old Self. It was during the guidance back through time, that I came face to face with my other self. I knew I needed to dissolve the inner conflict. There I was swinging on my swing all by myself at the front of my old home.

Maybe that was a land mark moment. Floods of thoughts began pouring back of my parents having an argument. A sense of that part of me, I had carried through life for so long.

Yes, we need to heal our inner child to be free from repeating patterns over and over again.

Even though I thought most of my early child hood memories had been healed. There was a significant part in me that still required guidance.

Are You carrying the voice of Your parents into Your future?

Set Your intention of the relationships You want to call into Your life
How they make You feel
What You mean to them and them to You
What You see happening when You have achieved it.

You can heal the wounds of broken relationships from the past to ensure what You are calling in, is healthy, magnetically flowing with super ease and in order to ensure You dissolve the old patterns simply write down on paper – all those who come to mind that You feel any remorse, regret or bitter emotions toward. Recognize the pattern You have attracted and write this down too.

What have You learned from old negative patterns?
What is the advantage You have gained from any pain or suffering?

Be grateful for all those who were Your greatest teachers and had played the part of hurting You or letting You down.

Now align with the people You are now magnetically attracting into Your life as You look through fresh eyes.

As you come to hear this grace, gratitude and gift of forgiveness – that is truly when You will step into Your highest self and become all You need to be to be Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships.

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