Do You know those times when You have felt really let down in the past by People.

When I think back through time I could think of so many different people who have come and gone in my life and where I felt undermined.

Wherever You have felt threatened, disappointing or let down is because Your value system has been violated.

Now its true in many cases people have been physically violated, however it is also true that one can feel violated without it being physical.

Perhaps taken advantage off, disrespected, undervalued, mistreated. What ever the pain of the past, it comes down to one thing and You may not want to hear it…

You called it in to Your life!

Ahhhhhhh – Yes, and I realize People have rightfully felt like the victim in the scenario.

Its time to STOP the Victim Mentality Now!!

You are not Your past, so therefore as long as You keep living and making decisions through it, You will keep calling it into Your future.

What I love about the meditation I Created in the Hub around this topic is that I firstly point out that there is a Super Hero in all of us.

The fact is – You cannot be a Super Hero without anything to Conquer.

I take my audience back through time to change the future and instill, Love, Value, Importance, Security, Self Belief, Respect, Connection and as we give the Master Key to the inner child to Re- Create History – Really this is unlocking so much Realization that we have had these patterns on repeat.

I love that I can hand the remote control and rewind back to the beginning and install all the wisdom into the inner child so they can grow up strong, empowered, wiser and all the more knowing because they had the chance to change a pattern at a cellular level.

You will love my content – Go to the Meditation hub – and click on Meditation Hub which is Brain gym and subscribe to the most empowering tools every week for less than $5 per week.

this will expand Your mind, bringing awareness to Your values and coding You to become all You truly deserve to be.

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