This is a meditation I developed this week that will Ascend you to the next level Of such a high vibration frequency Because I take you through a soul cleansing, Healing and releasing Sequence Of letting go of the Pain and hurt from the relationships of your past!

You will come to learn through my Powerful sequence – How some of the most Hurtful relationships, Become your most precious gift!

Yes itโ€™s time to cut the soul ties, Itโ€™s time to release and set yourself free From those strongholds In your life, That cause dis-ease Of the mind and body!

This is not about forgiving those who hurt You so you can let Them off the hook. This is about you claiming back your power and releasing yourself to be free from Those old repetitive patterns!

As we take you back So far in this journey through time – You discover the most important master key ๐Ÿ”‘
And that is the power of self love for yourself!

You are about to be filled up to overflowing With so Much self love And you will become so free through this 30 minute session in my Meditation hub, That you will Magnetically attract Love from those around you!

This could be the most powerful meditation you listen to for The health of your mind body and soul!

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