“I Attract all the right people into my life that flow with my ultimate purpose”

“I am becoming who I was destined to be and I am a magnet to all the right people and all the opportunities leading me to my destiny”

Discover your Soul Purpose and Stop Sabotaging your Life with a 7 step process!!

How do you know when you are in your sweet spot in life?

You will feel the following energy
1) Harmony – this is a balanced, peaceful joyful feeling

2) Alignment – this is where both parts of your mind are congruent. Your conscious wants you to improve your life but unless your subconscious aligns with it, you could feel like your sabotaging your own goals for your life

3) Present – when you are experiencing a blissful sense of the here and now without any anxiety of the future or concern about the past.

Experiencing a present feeling of aligned harmony is “Nirvana” and this is the most empowering feeling YOU could ever have to become the person you were truly born to be, without the crap!!

Unfortunately, its the crap that is the only reason that holds you back from living your life………

This is my Chief Aim Purpose in Life – To CREATE the life for you and as many people as possible, so you can live like you have never lived before, so you can give to others in a way you have never given before, so you can love in a way that only one can do when they are completely aligned in mind and body, harmonized in perspective of the world and completely present in mind, body and spirit!!