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1. I am Excited, Inspired & Love the people I am attracting into my life
2. I am magnetically attracting all the right people into my life 
3. I am a money-making machine transforming lives into abundance 
4. I am a master of my time, producing wealth in my services
5. Everything I touch turns to gold 
6. Money flows to me as naturally easily and effortlessly as the air I breath 
7. My mind is a temple pure, focused and inspired programmed for the richest life 
8. I am relaxed in being me and composed, organized & relaxed before, during and throughout all my engagements in life 
9. I embrace every part of me and transform my thoughts into my wealth empire 
10. My body is a sacred temple that is ageless, timeless and in glorious health, energy and shape 
11. I am a master of my own time and feel a vibrant ease in getting things done 
12. I am highly respected and opportunities are opening up all around me

Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships 

If I was to tell you there is a secret behind magnetically attracting rich relationships and when you know it, you may realize you already knew it in a sub conscious way, that was keeping it a secret from your conscious mind.

It comes back to you!!!!!! When you fall in love with yourself, you will raise your frequency and people will feel the same way about you! (Please bold in color)

Yes, its true, if you neglect yourself and put yourself down, you are setting the standard for others.

We are constantly manifesting into our lives what we focus on!

When you Super Charge your Belief fully in yourself and you Tell yourself at a deep cellular level – “I am everything to this person I want and there is no one like me’
And you feel this at every depth of your heart, mind and soul – You are the one….There is no match and you vibrate at that level, feeling the insatiable connection from the other to you……Let me tell you, that posture is hard to beat!!!!!

When I say YES to Super High Energy, The Energy says YES to me!
That is the secret………When you say YES to yourself, the world says YES to you!!! (bold color)

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