This meditation will take you on a journey where you will firstly meet Your higher self.

Its the one already free of those relationships that have hurt you. Its the You that when you first take that initial step you may not be able to see it clearly, vividly or precisely.

However the magic is in the Master Key.

The Master Key is where you go back in time to unlock and release yourself from the first hurt you had as a child.

When you unlock the door – it gives you the opportunity to set free all the others that have hurt you over your life.

When you are able to let go of the past and release the disappointments, the losses and all other pain you have endured through relationships, not only does this restore your dignity, however it also releases you emotionally and brings the harmony to your body that you truly deserve.

You will even experience through my meditation a cleansing experience in the fountain of youth.

You will be immersed into this beautiful sea of water where you can wash away the sins of those who hurt you and even those you have hurt too.

When you return, you will do so completely set free. Your vision of your higher self will be clearer now. You can see how you have become strong, assertive and found your own inner voice.

The most important element is that you have become who you were born to be. Authentically You!

Enjoy Rich Relationships

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