Getting in touch with Your Higher Self To achieve Your Goals
And Releasing the Blockages from the past including
Worry, Fear, Indecision, sadness, loss.

To Call in the Goal of Your dreams, you must first become that Person as a vibration match.

The recurring patterns of your past, are simply the experiences of Trapped memories of the past.

Through our Meditation will say a special prayer to clear, dissolve and transmute those old patterns, converting them into the higher self that is the Super You of the Future.

Our prayer is as follows –

I am aware that I have held emotions and feelings that belong to the past.
I choose to now see those old patterns as my greatest teachings.
I know that these teachings will serve my future.
I release any attachments from people and forgive and let go of any painful memories
I now connect in with the light to clear, dissolve and transmute the old energy from past emotions and transmute it across all dimensions and space of time.

I now install the ingredients of my higher self
being unconditional love
Self Esteem
A sense of importance
And I now replace what has been dissolved with these new gifts of spiritual fulfillment

Now see how you can connect into the future and receive Your biggest goals and dreams with the gift of these transformed skills and spiritual gifts

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