My biggest secret of setting myself free of procrastination.

Firstly, lets point out some facts 🎤🧐🥁

Procrastination happens when You are held back from Your own success in what you want to achieve for your life.

It could be getting into shape, making more money, quitting that habit or even beautifying Your environment.

For the record it’s Your subconscious mind saying – Nah You don’t want to have a rocking body and be that trim and healthy, and as for being rich, isn’t that a dirty word??? Its as if a part of us is telling this lie and even going on to say – Huh Your friends will laugh at you if you show up and your successful and why would you want to give away that habit when you can grow old and hagged look like shiz and live in a pig sty.

Ok I am using a bit of shock treatment here – But seriously, I am also talking to myself!

This is the battlefield of the mind and it’s the biggest killer of success!

I was caught in this trap last week. My business ready to take the next Quantum Leap and my subconscious says – “Hold up Terri, You aint ready for this” .

Its all a protection mechanism – But can you believe the mind protects you from yourself to have success? 😮

See if this sounds familiar 👇

  1. It sends Fear your way to paralyze you from moving forward.
  2. It overwhelms you, so you can feel stuck and not do what you want to do
  3. It sends meaningless issues Your way to distract you, such as comparison, ego and envy. The biggest killers of success.

I could go on forever, however being a World Class Coach does not make me immune from rolling around in the mud. I am however equipped to know when to say “NO DEAL”. and I teach this to others.

I fell into this trap last week after getting the heeby jeebies about my next big up level. After feeling so stagnant, stuck in the mud and helpless to shift, I tried everything – I listened to my mentor, I meditated, I took long walks in nature, I even started Tik Tok and let out some of my crazy and that did not even work.

Today I am free again!!! Totally liberated and ready to move and shake the world at the next level. What was my secret?? I listened to my own recording of releasing Trauma and Stress and limiting feelings and fell into a deep, blissful sleep. In my own dynamic magic I awoke totally light, free, lit up and ready to rock and roll again.

If there is one thing, I am a Raving Superstar at and don’t mind saying – It’s releasing people from the fear, wounds and trapped energy that holds them back from living their life purpose.

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The biggest secret to Success does not require massive knowledge, work, or sacrifice 💥🔑🚀

The number one strategy is being authentic and holding the master key to the following

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Purpose

It’s time to tap into Your genius zone and discover Your billion-dollar God given gift 🔥

. You really need to stop wasting valuable time and stand out in Your ability so You can 10X Your life in 👇





We must break the cycle of settling for less, tolerating the mundane and understand that when You change one thing, you will change everything!!!

I know what it’s like to be exhausted and feel undervalued and underappreciated, however the only person who can change it is YOU!!!

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What do you need in order to break through the barriers and unleash Your fullest potential? 🚀💥✨

Here are 3 of my top tips and tricks You need to know 👇

  1. What is the one Dream goal You truly desire to achieve?
  2. What is the one thing that has held You back from that goal up to now?
  3. Once you know these 2 answers its time to close the alignment gap 🧐✍️🤞

My number 1 World Class Strategy is closing the gap for You where you can release the strongholds over Your life. 🚧

Whatever You can see vividly with laser lucid focus, you can easily achieve!

I have never regretted removing the blocks that stood in the way of my life, and I am so blessed to be equipped to dissolve them as each new level comes along.

I transform people this way and then train them how to do it, so they can leverage their health, wealth success and service, instead of staying stuck in the mud and feeling frustrated.

Its time to look, leap and leverage Your life into a crystal clear outcome of what makes You spring out of bed every single day.

This happens when You know Your Purpose, Mission and Vision.

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Are You one digit of tapping into Your Billion Dollar Gift?

Imagine missing the 10 million dollar lottery by one number 😮 EEK me thinks I would rather have been miles off!
This is my analogy in Success and its the same if You call a friend and get one number wrong, you wont get through.
There are so many people out there much closer to success than they think, and Yet if You never get the one thing holding You back right, You could be so far!
I have talented Coaches in my program that are having penny dropping experiences where the light is switching on!
I love watching that ground breaking moment and helping people to bridge the gap between being stuck in struggleville and Quantum Leaping them to the destiny where because one thing changed, everything changes!
Living a booming life of Freedom where You can rise up in Your God given gift and tap into Your divine sacred service, is the absolute rare diamond of living a rich and fulfilling life.
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I’m about to drop my secret of success

Just in case You were thinking You were not good enough, smart enough, big enough, charismatic enough let me tell You, just as you were sinking into Your pity party story I am here to reach down and pull You up by the scruff of the neck and tell You
Launch it baby, Launch it!!!
You might be saying in a pathetic inner voice
But how???
Well, come out of Yourself, recognize there is a whole wide world out there, and lots of people waiting for Your break through, so you can break them through!!!!
Ok, so the secret………The secret is YOU!!!
Its your emotions, Your stuck energy, your habits and seemingly stubborn unbreakable patterns and its about owning them!
Did I just say that?
You heard me, or at least saw me write this!
There is only one thing left for you to now do, to make epic success and become a gob smacking, out of this world life coach……
And that is flaunt it!
Tell it”
and sell it like a Superstar!!!
That will be Kaching – $10,0000 thanks
Ok its free for You and now you are on a roll You can join my Free Group where you will get a life changing, earth moving and incredible experience to see if You are ready to Transform, train, leverage and launch
Here’s what to do next 👇

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