Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone • APR 22

Interview with Rochelle Marie: Empowering Mum’s to level up in their Leadership.

Today, I bring on Rochelle Marie to my show. She is a Psychologist who has a passion for Empowering Women and encouraging them to step up in their leadership!

Come and hear her story of broken marriage, and how living with narcissism helped her to find her own courage.

I will also address the other side of what causes a person to be living out the part of “The Narcissist” nature and what makes a person attracted to this personality type.

There is always darkness and light in everyone – come and receive your weekly mini masterclass food for the soul

Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone

Hi, I can help You Transform Your life and Rapidly Release Trauma, Stress, and Sabotaging Patterns at the speed of light!

Once you dissolve the pain of the past, such as crippling self-doubt, fear of failure, ridicule, and rejection that causes repetitive sabotaging patterns, You will rise in your personal excellence of courage, confidence, and power to activate Your Success in being the highest expression of who You were born to be.

My name is Terri Messenger and over 14 Years ago, I had a massive transformation that was so deeply profound, pervasive, and life-changing.

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