Happy Monday and guess what this means????

Its that time of the week again for me to come to You exclusively live to create an epic Hypnosis and Meditation for Removing Abundance Blocks and Building Your Wealth Empire!!!!

I have decided that Visual live stream takes away from my divine gift to go to a place of Paradise, therefore – You will get the live version in audio format and I just know you will go deeper into trance.

The process I will take you through will be as follows

By looking upward through the crown of Your head will bring a rem state trance into your mind and body quicker.

You will do the breath work to take you into your heart space and presence of being.

We will peel back the years of time, to navigate the blocks that are holding you back from Your Deserved Abundance.

We become aware of the stories around our wealth blue print, especially the ones woven into our life as a chilld.

We will clear, dissolve and transmute the story and re-code the gift of Your New Glory!

What skill sets do you require to be Richly, Opulently and Epic-ally Abundant???

Come with me on this glorious journey back through time to create Your New Multi Million Dollar

Terri xxx

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