Clearing Negative Energy Pattern will allow you to know that Your body is a more reliable source than Your mind.
When you are feeling blocked it will indicate in 3 areas of your body, although can spread throughout other parts. This will be either in the head, the heart/chest or the gut.

This is known as the 3 brains over those areas.
The feeling in the body is correlated by a belief in the mind. The Belief Story BS is not true of the present. It is a representative of the past.
In this technique – we use the ABC acronym of “Always be connected”. Disconnect is when we are lost in the past, or in fear of the future. This is also referred to as false evidence appearing real. The only truth of here and now, is here and now.

Throughout this methodology – Be sure to connect into what You are feeling. Your body will be your road map and GPS tracing what we need to clear.
In NLP, we call this a Trans Derivation Search TDS. Trust Your Body being the filing cabinet of memory that is also your nervous system and subconscious, to know above all logic.

You will have the opportunity to choose the Emotional block You want to clear for example around Money slipping through Your fingers. Relationships causing You to feel let down, disappointed. Career feeling undervalued, dissatisfied or not enough. Health & Body, emotionally overeating or maybe health issues
This Powerful process can assist with any of those areas and more.
There is also a Mantra that You can learn to fast track this technique so that once you do it thoroughly the first time, it will be set up and the Mantra will harness Your clearing of negative energy.

This will be the process each week.

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