Please Note; This meditation has powerful parts of Hypnosis.

Training Guide by Terri Messenger

Create Your Best life and practice these Mantra’s and allow the context of my Meditation to code You with these magic mantras and invocations

I am magnetic to money, resources, prosperity, cash, clients, new opportunities, and alliances.

I am deeply grounded in my revolutionized life and feel completely whole.

I am strong, powerful and worthy of this great life I have now created for myself.

I am enough. I am sacred. I am loved. I am respected. I am admired and I contribute these virtues back to others.

. It is safe for my body to be completely oxygenated with pure new cells and for every part of me to heal in divine power.

My words are my deep sense of magic that I use as my wand.

Every breath I take takes in new energy for creative healing, inspiration and the crystal clear focus to receive downloads of information that become my Prosperity.

I am a mirror to the world and I give generously and honor my sacred service.

I am kind, generous and full of integrity and love that I am fully supported back in the same way by the world.

I am abundant. I am blessed. I am a genius in my work and I apply my wisdom with flow, inspiration and magnetism.

I am able to create my sacred service and my work to the world with ease and flow and results are reflected at the speed of light.

My family, my friends, my loved ones, my peers and all whom I value are safe within the bubble of protection of love, light and longevity

And so it is to be

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you

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