When You think about building wealth or coming into an abundance of money how does it feel?Here is another question about wealth. When You consider putting Your price up, asking for a rise, or asking for money where required – how does that feel?In this Mediation we will be looking at Your blueprint of Money, Riches and Wealth.Beliefs are where our original blueprints were formed. The way you were raised and the things you heard and experienced around wealth impact us as we grow up.It’s amazing to hear that so many people feel guilt, shame or a sense of unworthiness around money. They usually also hold space of thinking it’s a sin for others to value their services and even criticize or drive sharp bargains with their inferior mindset.This was me. Everything had to be a bargain and although I can from a well to do family. My Father held poverty around conversation because he came from a 3rd world Country. My Mother constantly had to convince my Father that it was ok to buy nice things and when she did, she would be displaying the many bargains and discounts.I grew up with a fear-based money blueprint that said – Do not buy materialistic possessions and if you do, make sure you get a bargain.What did you grow up believing about money?When you ask for money or spend it, how does it feel before and after? Is there guilt, shame or remorse?Did you know that when you are buying things for yourself, investing and spending wisely, you are generating a currency that circulates, moves and flows?Yes money is not meant to sit and stagnate. It is meant to flow like a river.There is an abundance of wealth in the world, the majority of it will fall into the hands of those who know how to make it work for them and how to generate the flow of currency. Money is an emergent like the air we breathe. It is mandatory that we have air and yet we do not say – I better not breath into much air or I will deprive others from oxygen.When we see leaves fall from a tree we do not fret or despair because we know more is coming and on its way.

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