Imagine this – You want to call in the right people into Your life and then You discover that the greatest lesson in Your power to attract the right people, to brand your business and to gain the greatest sense of love/connection, importance and certainty comes through Your past challenges in relationships.In this weeks meditation You will be able to know that all the gold nuggets of Your greatest power, come from the biggest challenges and disappointments of Your past.The one biggest secret You need to know is The Golden Rule – “Do to Others as you would have done for You”As we progress through the Units You will come to know the Golden Rule element of What You will be delivering in Your industry as the coming weeks unfold in this Program.The Main Rule and the Only Rule in this program is – “DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS STUFF”You’re in a Subconscious Training – So Do Yourself a favor and allow the congruence and alignment of Truth to set You Free!
Step 1 – “The Law of Sowing and Reaping”.
**Plant a seed today and reap the fruit tomorrow. **
Yes, you will need to practice the Golden Rule when You magnetically draw in Your Avatars –
A Mind Hack for the Golden Rule – When You are reaching out on social media or any marketing platform to attract people – **Speak to everyone as if they have Your Traits and Your old Emotional Baggage. **
This is the magic of Ease behind Your Course. You start speaking out to all Your Doppelgangers.
Annihilate the Guess work! Throw out the People Pleasing Trap of Trying to be everything to everyone. If You fall for that trap – Your business will be a slow painful death of success.
I have seen the most gifted Healers, Trainers, Coaches grind themselves to total bewilderment. Sadly, I have been a Victim to that Trap too**.** Turn Victim to Vixen!
In this Program You are going to learn how to be the Authority in one area of what You do.
You are standing in Your own acres of Diamonds
That’s right, whilst so many people spend time looking outside their own field to fit in, to duplicate, to be accepted – all the while You kept hitting and missing and instead of aiming at the bulls eye in the middle of the board – You were just aiming where people told you to fire.
The diamond field beneath Your feet is in the rough uncut diamonds. The pain and hardship. This is the day, you can pick up all those hard stones that have been locked into the muscles as our pain points and take them out and put them under the microscope so they can be polished, re-cut and the sold for Millions.
The Gold nuggets and the rarest diamonds are right inside You. It’s time to Heal the pain, Transform the old and mould it into the new.
Its time to wear Your old problems like a prize badge of the highest rank. Its time to call in Your Tribe. Its time for You to shine!!!
So let’s get Obsessed about transmuting rough stones into gold nuggets and rare diamonds. When You discover Your own deep Soul Calling, the old sheepish Part that once told You – “You weren’t enough” will soon disappear and be superseded by a strong, confident and successful new You. And this emerged through discovering the Master Key that came as a result of You practicing the golden rule.
**Are You prepared to live Your life laser focused and Crystal Clear? **
Let me promise you, when You become so laser focused and crystal clear – that is when You will become Unstoppable. That is where the B.S stories that once wiped out your mood, suddenly pale into insignificance because You have your eye firmly on the goal and the scatter has suddenly come together as one Master Key that unlocks Your most successful life.

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