The Awakened Leader

Ascend Your Greatest Success in this Advanced Spiritual Awakening To Tap into Your Genius, Activate Your Personal Power and Unleash the Authentic, Confident and Courageous Leader in You!

Magnetize aligned dream clients and rich relationships, share your highest vibration of your magic with the world and grow Your prosperity like a tree of life through Your inner AUTHENTICITY!!!

This is about discovering Your inner light and dissolving the frustrated and stuck energy, so You can AWAKEN YOUR LEADERSHIP THROUGH YOUR AUTHENTIC FULL EXPRESSION.

Find Your Soul Aligned Purpose, Speak Your Truth and Claim Your Power through becoming Your truest, purest self!!!

As you reveal all of You and CRACK THE CODE TO YOUR SUCCESS, this is when you will shift the needle on Your life and unlock your limitless potential!

Say goodbye to the approval addict and the people pleasing junky who was caught in the performance trap, and crack the jackpot of AUTHENTICITY in Your Sacred Divine Service.

Open up your genius zone and become a magnet to the right people, attracting them like bees around the honey pot.

Your AUTHENTICITY IS THE MAGIC WAND TO OWNING YOURSELF and this will unlock the potent code of magnetic attraction and the Law of Opportunity!

Men and Women, You came into being who you are as the High Achiever, because of the wounds from your past. Your Search for recognition, importance and power and that deep yearning and ache, is your greatest gift!

The world awaits you to be all of who you know you want to be. So now it’s time to face your shadow, embrace those hidden patterns of inadequacy, that impact your habits and rise into your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Awakening!!

Many of the divine leaders called in to the program have also the deep desire of being physically attractive.

It’s the way my True Soul Aligned Clients roll. It’s not vanity, however a sense that your body truly plays a big part in your magnetism.

Let go of the Perfectionism of Performance, and allow the MAGIC INSIDE YOU TO BE YOUR LIGHT.

Lets crack the confidence code and switch off those triggers that riddle you in self doubt.

The Code to Your Success will be in the imprinting of You becoming CRYSTAL CLEAR on who you are and what you represent.

Your Money Blue Print holds a big place in your heart with pride. The uncertainty can kill your mood in a flash.
You scratch your head wondering why you have this self sabotaging pattern in relationships that have often left you feeling so much regret and frustration in your ability to relate appropriately with the right people.


You know that time is going by and there is so much You want for your life, however I want you to meet the truest, purest version of Your Higher Self and that will be Your ASCENSION INTO BECOMING THE AWAKENED LEADER!!

Its time to recognize that those hidden fears, patterns and habits, can be TRANSMUTED into Your DIVINE POWER, WHERE YOUR PAIN BECOMES YOUR CLAIM TO FAME!


The Finer Details:

Workshop 1: Discovering Your God Given gift through Your Pain that becomes your fame

Workshop 2: Breath work as Your life force to Activate Your metabolism, endorphins and channel sexual energy into your service

Workshop 3: Activating Your Higher Power through Meditation with a sacred script that will bring magic to your entire life.

Workshop 4: Sacred Sales of magnetically attracting Your Soul Clients, Peers, and connecting with Your Soul mate.

Workshop 5: awakening your innate genius.

Workshop 6: Activating Your Voice, your Message and Your power from the Soul

Please note: The Training is Highly Accelerated and yet it is designed for Busy High Achievers with a Simple, Easy and Fun Process of 1.5 hours per week, to Receive Full Ascension at the Speed of Light!

* All Bonus Training’s are powerful and will give you a lifetime of Self Mastery to do in your time.

What My Clients Say

“The methods of Terri’s NLP training is just so user friendly! This is a different, advanced, improved, highly professional and polished program!” : Nicola Burton 

“When I was doing the training with Terri I felt like I was in good hand and a safe place!” : Angela Anderson

I have had the absolute pleasure to work with and learn from Terri the wonderful skills and techniques of NLP to compliment my previous studies in hypnotherapy and creative arts therapies. Learning these skills and applying them to my life, my relationships and in my work has helped me to understand myself and others, it has helped to communicate effectively and to process emotions and triggers quickly to move forward when conflict or uncertainly has arisen. My life has improved and will continue to as I “do the work” it has a ripple effect as my vibration and energy increases so does that of people in my life. My children notice and comment on how far I have come and that my energy has shifted. I know my worth and who I am in my core. I know that I am blessed to be called into this work to be of service to others. It is my honour to be in the company of wonderful people who are also in the business of helping others rise and be the best version of themselves. 


I’ve been blessed with knowing Terri since 2015, and I am currently in one of her high end programmes. Initally when i reached out to Terri, it was during a very dark and confusing time and i was hoping for answers to all of my life dilema’s about my past present and my future. Her program has been able to move from that uncertain spot into a more brighter and fullfilling  space because she has given me valuable resources to make the most out of my career oppurtunities and has reignited the fire within me to remember that I am capable and that I hold the key to easily unlocking change within me and around me.
Terri is inspiring, she is creative, she is highly intuitive and incredibly intelligent and she just “knows” She does! And this is what you will notice, among many other things when working together with her. I can go on because to me Terri has been an incredible in guiding me, motivating me, pushing me and knowing when to step back and encourage me to let my inner genius shine through. To sum it up i would say dont jump into something like this unless you are ready to see big improvements in your life.
Thank you Terri Messenger!!


Awesome work and yes – world is so much richer for having you said YET to your passion. I am yet still to meet another talented hypnotherapist like yourself, you absolutely ROCK in taking people out of hot waters, as you said. I am forever grateful for my transformation during private hypnotherapy session and throughout my journey to become a certified NLP Practitioner – and now a hypnotherapist myself! Thank you for assisting me to open doors to my selt-realisation and personal growth.


Terri Messenger’s online healing retreat was exquisite. Like a powerful divine channel, she sees clearly what her audience requires in real time like a finely attuned instrument of divine light. The depth, breadth and scope of her knowledge, gifts and talents is unmatched compared to other coaches or NLP practitioners out there. If you’re looking to rapidly rise into your highest potential I highly recommend Terri’s exquisite body of work!


My first two sessions with Terri have had a profound influence on me. I’m can’t believe how my anxiety has reduced to the point where I’m no longer bothered by it. This in turn has reduced any depression I have previously suffered. I have also noticed my confidence has increased and I can think so much more clearly. I have suffered with these issues since a traumatic incident 7 years ago and have tried many treatments and this is the first time I have had success. Thank you.


What you will receive

The whole package of the foundation system in the Experience Only Package. PRICE $500.00

(please note your investment will be secured and applied to upgrade packages.)

Price: $500.00

If you need a hand with anything- please don’t hesitate to send me an email at

or drop me a message on Facebook here!

Coaching and Training Terms and Conditions:

1. Terms

By accessing this program, you understand these terms and conditions form part of the agreement when You have activated Your payment choice.  Please note PayPal is our preferred credible provider to protect consumer and service provider in a win win best interest for both parties.  When entering into a program through agreement, you are making a pledge to pay in full for the service.  A Payment plan and paid in full is offered and both are binding to both parties, for example: consumer to receive the service as provided and the client to make payment regardless of any circumstances, unless mutually agreed by both parties.  You acknowledge you are bound by these terms of service, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree to pay for the service as agreed.  If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. 

Special Note: This agreement is binding with decision of payment and the copy of what is offered as Your purchase is the material of what You receive and this segment is included in every offer secured with a PayPal link for Your investment.

2. Use License

Permission is granted for You to train and duplicate Terri’s coaching and training, and any files, scripts are fully her copy right, however You are given permission to follow the template for training purposes and re-create it in Your own words.  There is no permission to share any content with any other parties outside of Yourself unless agreed by Terri Messenger.

The materials in their original form must not be re-purposed or used for any commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial);

Please adhere to copy right information as governed by our law and regulations.  

Under no circumstances shall any of the materials be transferred to another person or “mirror” the materials on any other server.

All participants who have direct access into Terri Messenger’s workshops/training’s/consultations where by You are aware that live streaming is taking place for training purposes, need to acknowledge that Terri Messenger reserves full right to re-purpose for programs. However, If you do not wish to appear on any video training’s please advise Terri Messenger before proceeding or within 48 hours of being a case study or appearing on video training. 

No member is required to be seen on Training.  You reserve the right to have a full experience and we advise to keep your camera off for any live training.

3. Payments

Terri Messenger pledges to provide her very best in her service and has a proven track record of success in her modalities.  In saying this, once you enter into an agreement, it is her ethos that you make a decision and understand that you are fully obliged to make payments in full or until paid in full at the designated provision through PayPal.     For any other arrangement you may require, a call can be organized to Terri Messenger for authority and Terri Messenger reserves the right to refuse this request.  Otherwise the programs are designed for Your lifetime access at a lesser price where there is no interaction with Terri Messenger, other than for You to receive the self-paced coaching, training or any workshops provided.  Otherwise the paid in full system is applicable on the website.  and the checkout system. Terri Messenger may limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household or per order. These restrictions may include orders placed by or under the same customer account, the same credit card, and/or orders that use the same billing and/or shipping address. In the event that change or cancellation to an order was placed, you will be notified by e-mail and/or billing address/phone number provided at the time the order was made. We reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed for the purpose of stealing information for profit gain.

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There is no refund on any programs purchased from Terri Messenger online.

4. Disclaimer

Terri Messenger is a highly experienced Coach with the track record success; however, she makes no guarantees on Your own personal journey nor does she make claims to cure, heal or fix the problems presented.

Your decision to come into this coaching and training is fully Your responsibility and You will receive a service of Terri Messenger’s greatest practice.

All Transformation is fully held in responsibility of the client/customer and therefore no responsibility of Your personal success is accepted or taken by Terri Messenger except to deliver her great work.

The people who receive the best results are those who show up, do the work, and commit to the program.  Terri Messenger accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any life circumstances where you cannot or do not follow the program.  It is self-paced and regardless of any circumstances You are not eligible for any refund.

If you have any psychological or mental problems, please refer to Your Doctor/Specialist to obtain guidance as to weather the content of this service will be appropriate for you.

Terri Messenger does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the materials on its website or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this site.

5. Limitations
In no event shall Terri Messenger or any parties attached be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption) and or any issues that may arise through this service.  No liability is taken and it is important that when any parties entering into this service by digital website or workshop and private consultation, you have a full understanding that You are held fully responsible for Your wins, your transformation and also for any issues of nonattendance or any level of not realizing any benefit. The whole entry of Your decision to do participate in this service starts and ends with Yourself, playing a big role in Your coaching experience. 

6. Accuracy of materials

In the event of grammatical errors or any imperfections of photography, content or other, is fully acceptable by the party, on the proviso You have received the program according to Your agreed payment.  Terri Messenger is constantly updating, upgrading, and making iterations to the programs.  Whilst Terri Is a highly experienced Coach with years of intellectual property and success records, there is no responsibility accepted by her, in way of opinion of any parties entering into these terms and agreements.  

7. Intellectual property
Any intellectual property including scripts, eBooks, videos is prohibited to be used or copied by any party entering into this agreement.  You understand this to be true and correct.

8. Modifications

Terri Messenger may update these terms and conditions and the agreement of this one is applicable only.

Terri Messenger may update content and has the right to do this at any time without limitation.

9. Governing Law

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10. Payments for Services rendered.

10. Payments for Services rendered.  Terri Messenger upholds a strong ethos in the quality of her service, that holds much good will to her practice, referral, and high standards.  When you enter into an agreement for a paid in full or payment plan, please note this must be paid in full, regardless of circumstances of ceasing to go forward.  Unless by discretion Terri Messenger has agreed to terminate your payments, your investment must be paid in full as agreed and for payment plans set up by PayPal this must not be cancelled or paused unless You have been otherwise authorised by Terri Messenger to do so and in circumstance of change of credit card or any other, you must contact Terri Messenger first to advise of any change.  Otherwise a fee of up to 25% will accrue to recover payments in arrears.

Final disclaimer:

Any person’s under the age of 18 shall first seek authorization from a legal guardian before purchasing the content and all intention from Terri Messenger is created for adult use only, even though children have benefited from her service in clinic.