You do not know what You have got until its gone!!!

The Year 2018 has been a bitter sweet Year for myself. I have never told this story before, however I am about to make a confession and the only reason I am doing so is to be made accountable in taking massive action toward what I coach people every day in their own pain. This is a new curve ball that has been thrown in our direction for a high purpose and it has become My point of pain.

In 2017 after serving over 2000 people for over a decade, My husband and I sold our Clinic. At the time, I had decided to take a vacation to the Bahamas, come back and refocus on another area of my career because it also incorporates my highest values of Health Success & Freedom

Alas, what I did not realize is that I had officially sacked myself from serving the many people who got profound results from my work in clinic.

My husband and I were so focused on helping people, we never looked at our money. Mainly because it was always there and didn’t exist in our value system.

Just like Your little toe, You may not pay much attention to it, however if You suddenly had Your little toe cut off, I guarantee YOU WOULD PAY ATTENTION. In fact You my even become obsessed and wished it were still there because You realize how much it meant to you.

We have had a divine blessing this Year of experiencing what we took for granted, vanishing from our lives or at least taking a vacation whilst it awaits for us to experience enough pain and loss to make us care.

Yes I am talking about Money Honey! You know that circulation of contribution that flows around the world and ends up mostly in the hands of those who value, focus and pay attention to it the most?

They say if the world was stripped today of all their funds and every person was issued with the same amount of money, it would end up back in the same hands of those with the Wealth Mindset.

Instead of them working hard for their money, they ensure the money works hard for them. They utilize it for capital, invest it and understand it is a highly sophisticated manner of resources of which multiplies and returns with the means of opulence, riches and prosperity.

In case You were also one of the hood winked people who thought great riches were greedy or evil in nature just consider this – The greatest philanthropists that change the world and leave their legacy are among the most wise, generous and affluently upright people.

They have an expansive vision of impacting the world and understand the concept of the science behind being rich. They know its not about doing certain things, however, rather “doing things in a certain way”

Their minds are filled with inspirational images of vision and beauty and they hum the tune of the heavens in gratitude of all manifested.

If a man cannot be trusted in small things, they surely cannot be entrusted in large things.

Take care of the penny’s and the pounds will take care of themselves.

I am so grateful that the Universe knows our future to prosper and do great things for the world and had allowed us to learn one of the biggest lessons of our life. “Never Never Never take anything that holds Value to You for granted”!!!

We did, we ignored it. We assumed it to be like air.

Whilst money is as plentiful as air, fortunately air does not disappear the way money does when You do not look after it. Money likes to flow like air and is oxygenating in the flow of currency.

Energy flows, where Attention goes and as we uphold gratitude toward all things in life, including the hard lessons, when we love and are truly thankful for our teachings. When we hum to the tune of nature and turn our eyes upward toward the beauty of the Universe and when we fill our mind with great vision of doing good in this world, we store up great wealth and have the blessing of contributing to the world we live in.

I thank God for the life lesson of hitting the wall when we allowed so much money to slip through our fingers. I am grateful for the lesson, the pain and the high purpose of being thankful for it so it will be added in abundance.

My vision to impact thousands of lives can be done with the greatest care of being resourceful for the good will of expanding my vision globally.

I am beyond blessed to lean into the pain, learn and transmute it, as I upgrade to the next level of my journey

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