One number out and you will not unlock the wealth!!

There is a science behind being rich and there is nothing wrong with the desire for surrounding yourself in beauty, health, and the expression of love.

Our Soul maybe infinite, however when we have good food, surround ourselves in a good environment and invest in self expression and knowledge

It is more sinful to deprive yourself, your loved ones and the world of your contribution.

The science of being rich is like a mathematical equation derived by doing things in a certain way.

I understand I was derelict in valuing money and things. I took so much for granted and did not give my mind to focusing on taking care of the little things in life.

The code of good fortune in the abundance of great wealth and it will come flooding like an ocean overlapping and endless when it is unblocked, unlocked and revealed

I know my story had to happen…..Why????

Because that will be the platform I stand on when I call in the thousands of people to create their Wealth Empire……My Story will be my Glory!!!!

I am ready, willing and open to be as Rich, as abundant and as wealthy as a Queen living in her Majestic Mansion and YES that was a declaration!!!

The first thing I needed to do was to STOP complaining

The next important factor is to STOP driving sharp bargains

The Code can then be set to unlock my millions awaiting inside the vault…..When I tweak the dial, raise the frequency I will unlock the gushing stream of wealth ready to flow abundantly!!!

Go ahead and speak these words and notice the frequency it raises in your body

I am a master at creating success, controlling my body in such a way it is naturally toned, lean and in optimum health and shape.

It is the mastermind of wealth that I have neglected……Since I possess the great power to control all assets of my life I have focused on, I am now making it my burning desire to become Rich!!!

I am a fountain of youth overflowing with health wealth and abundance!!

My mind is my fortune and I master the million dollar energy that draws riches into my life

I have mastered the thinking stuff of great wealth and money is like a wave that I see in the distance gushing rapidly into my existence!!

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