The diary of an Online Coach
Being a coach, healer and leader of powerful Biohacking modalities does not make us immune to the normal life.
The fact is that when one is called transform the world , we are called to experience great adversities for the higher purpose of overcoming challenges and rising, continuously to be an example of being an overcomer!
There ain’t no Superhero’s wrapped up in Cottonwool, and floating among rainbows and butterflies!
My own life can often resemble something more like stepping into the unknown, and wrestling with the chaos that life offers!
And I admit I don’t do humanity, as well as I do spirituality!
Yes, we are all called to be Overcomers of great adversities, and its unavoidable, even if you are like my husband and I and prefer to bury your head in the sand, then to face up to what’s happening in the world!
I believe transmuting pain to power is my genius zone.
I often wonder if I’m subconsciously attracted to drama to feed that Lioness within that quietly enjoys the Grrrrr at some strange level!
It is However, a normal part of our humanity to face life’s challenges unless we decide to become a recluse and live in a cave in the mountains solo.
One thing, for sure we can be abundantly blessed with life‘s normal twists & turns, however, when we are living, according to our spiritual higher calling, there is something very blessed about being able to do this!
Knowing thyself to the point of understanding the God-given gifts that are within your DNA, will most certainly fulfil any human Cup to overflowing!
Join me as I unravel the layers of Your patterns, your greatest struggles and look at the way to a transformative phenomenon where the pain of Your story can be transcended into Your greatest glory!
Based upon –

The discovery of Your Spiritual Self Love , Self Worh and Self Acceptance!
✅ Your Zones of Genius where are your  highest calling will be awakened!
✅ The flow and activation formula of feminine and masculine energy!
As we Dive into the realms of your higher intelligence, where laser focus comes to life in the most profound way and inspiration spurs on the activatiom process evolving into Your Billion Dollar Energy of health, wealth, success & freedom!
Join the up & coming Masterclass I am ready to roll out to share the powerful Biohacking modalities that have empowered my life and thousands of other lives on my path!
Join me on the 21st to tap into your soul’s purpose and rewire your mind for spiritual prosperity.

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