The Elite Crown Master Key:

Unlocking the key to your success and empire.


Leading Transformation Teacher, High Performance Coach and NLP Master Trainer Terri Messenger presents…

A Taylor Made Program that will Fit your Needs, Desires and Dreams like a glove!

This exciting process will address every element of fear and self-doubt, transmuting it into the Backbone of Your Outstanding High Performance of Service and Creating the Vibrant Life You deserve.

I will help You in Your own Personal Individual Skill Set, to create your vision and Rise Authentically with a Powerful Message.

I will Cultivate Your Skills as a Coach, Teacher, Businessperson, or Leader to be streamlined for Epic Success that will be totally Simplified to your own Blueprint.

THIS DEEP DIVE IMMERSION into Your Power eliminates competition in Your desired field, because you will be an Original.

Are you ready to rise into Epic Success,

where you Love what you do and own Your position of power?


What you will receive through this program:

  • One on One Coaching and Training
  • Transformation
  • Self Mastery- equipping coaches, leaders and influencers
  • Blueprint Scripts
  • Step by Step Roadmap to success
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Reprogramming Empowering Beliefs
  • 12 month access to workshops, webinars, Facebook group
  • Speed Coaching Results

An Overview of the Program:

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This program is self-paced!

A PDF and Audio is provided for each technique.

  • MODULE #1:  Be the Leader that stands out in your field.
  • Part 2: The rapid rewiring technique
  • MODULE #2: The Swish Pattern
  • Technique One: Setting up your first session
  • Technique Two: Harnessing Your Superhuman Power
  • Technique Three: The Meta Model
  • Meta Model BONUS: Colour Therapy through Energetics
  • Technique Four: Speed Coaching
  • Technique Five: Parts Integration
  • Technique Six: Introduction to Hypnosis (A.B.S.U.R.D)
  • Technique Seven: Introduction to Conversational NLP
  • Technique Eight: Setting up & acknowledging the structure of time
  • Technique Nine: Changing Personal History
  • Technique Ten: The Forgiveness Process to Unconditional Love
  • Technique Eleven: Rapid Trauma Stress Release (aka Fast Phobia Cure)
  • Technique Twelve: Dissolving Decades of Being Stuck
  • Roadmap to Success

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