Imagine if you could access every learning resource that you thought went in one ear and flew out the other!!!

When I was in school I was called daydreamer!

I had short term memory malfunction and issues comprehending what was taught.

I had a knack of thinking on my feet, making what they consider “impulsive decisions” and sometimes leaping before looking or putting the cart in front of the horse

There is a label put on this called “ADHD” Every heard of it????

When I grew up, I suffered major anxiety and had feelings of massive self doubt and inadequacy and was fired from jobs 8 times in a row 😲

Then one day I walked into a Coaching Arena and my life changed forever!!!

That’s where I learned the difference between the Subconscious and Conscious mind

The sub being infinite intelligence that literally stores every single piece of data – although has zero logic

The conscious being the logic that filters out near 99% of info….What!!!!!

Is that what they call – Selective memory?? Um Nooo

It was not until I literally woke up one day from sleep walking and discovered I was not stupid or less than anyone else……

I dreamed because I am an Artist, I misunderstood because I am a creator who does not conform to the world and I had memory malfunction and comprehension issues because the teacher and topics were in my minds opinion as boring AF – (Urr Sorry Mr Sinclair)

As for making decisions on my feet and leaping before looking those were some of the most courageous decisions I ever made that have been known to have shifted a Community and even saved lives!!

Side note: (if you have a loved one or you yourself have fallen into the label category of ADHD – Dont kid yourself….Your a freaking rock star and you have what I call Un Diagnosed non
conformist Creative Entrepreneur Syndrome “NCCE”)

Since society have made labels that is the new one I just made up.

And yes one of my favorite clients who I have boundless success with (HENCE MY TRIBE) are those who have battled self esteem issues because of that label.

I literally took one young boy who felt ostracized and was put into a special class in school that caused major self esteem issues and I put him into trance and got him to align his brain with something he loved…It happened to be XBox and gaming….Oh well, it is, what it is – Anyways I got his brain to laser focus in on his English class, using the same pathway of his gaming pathway and guess what…..Teachera, family and even him were absoultely astounded – because he went to the top of the class 🕵️‍♂️👨‍🎓✍️

Im off track – sorry its my ADHD – Anyways your Subconscius is more ingenious than Einstein!!!!

So maybe this post is classic NLP perception shift for you letting you know those dam people who just do not fit into the box are too big for the box!!!

They are CREATORS that sometimes lack discretion and even that is better known today as “BAD ASS”!!!!

So now I have you thinking in a completely different way – isn’t it? – This is For all you BadAss Entrepreneur Creators out there –

I just dropped an EPIC Meditation into my Hub for my subscribers –

Its Called –

I created it too awaken every learning you have ever had that you thought you lost and bring it to life in vivid color, vibrational sound and of course bring it to life in every cell of your body!!!

All you have ever heard, seen, learned and not re-called is all in there….I promise – it just needs to be accessed!!!

So next tine you see a misty glaze come across that person’s eyes that had what they call ADHD – consider this – they are not a million miles away in their own world – they are a trillion miles above this world, doing what they do best….CREATING

Now lets get ready to go on an epic adventure to a place called destiny where you can discover all the gold nuggets of hidden treasure!!!

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