The Story Behind My Business

Why did I create a High-End Empire Program that would Transform lives, beyond ones wildest dreams, and help discover the Zone of Genius, so we could birth Your brilliance of Your unique blueprint and Launch Your Legacy, with a full support system where all You need to do, is fan into flames Your magic????

There is a reason and a purpose, I created a White Glove Transformation. An exclusive Unique Blueprint Genius Zone. Created a formula to Brand Your brilliance within content and majestic codes of color and taken the liberty to Launch Your Legacy with you, through you and for You whilst You simply show up and unleash Your soul aligned service to the world!

Here is the story of my business! The brand being the heart and soul and all the graphics and art you see are the codes of my gift within that have been in every cell of my body since birth.

If you are ready to hear the heart and soul of my story – then Grab a drink, sit down in a quiet place and as You read the sentences of this post, imagine it coming to life and lighting up on the big screen of Your mind.

Allow every gap in this post, to be a gift of space to allow You to translate my story, into Your own future glory!

I pray this will reach every right person across the planet. Therefore Your emoji in the comments, will reveal who you are!!!

The purpose of this post is to
become vulnerable and transparent with the magic of my pain of my story, that has become the platform of my crown and glory!

As a Life Coach of tapping into the subconscious for massive success. I discovered in my own experience, that the pain, suffering and crippling experiences of my past had transmuted into my magical story, of my journey back to before time, where I was handed the book of my life with my past ancestral lineage. One of my most mind-blowing out of this world Transformation experiences with my own clients, is when I take them on this epic journey back through time, to heal, transmute and dissolve the trauma of the past.

I love taking them back to before their DNA Ancestral karma, being the belief systems woven into the cells of our body, to a place before time. I call it Nirvana. It is bliss. It is peace. It is before judgement, experience, and all developed beliefs.

When I take my clients back, it literally purifies every granular muscle in their body and allows them to go back to the future to create their Epic Success!

Why am I so passionate about this???

My story finally unfolds 👇

My own success of rising above my sabotaging patterns and low self worth back in 2006, was my most powerful, phenomenal and profound life changing break through. When it happened, it did so at the speed of light. 🌟✨💥

I was so hooked, I had to show the world how they could literally turn their pain into their power, just as I did and turn their mess into their message, just like me and their story into their glory!

Yep I felt like I had a magic wand! 💥✨🌟

3,800 people later, as I converted lives at immeasurable rates, became a World Class Trainer and stage speaker, It had me thinking that an online business would be interesting. Lets face it, I had prestige in service, reputation by referral and years of experience under my belt with thousands of ecstatic clients.

What more could I ask?

Well the humbly shock hit home pretty soon, after I asked myself a preposterous question……. 🤔
One that sent me into a whirlwind spin and a down ward spiral emotionally, physically and financially.

It was the question that took me from multiple 6 figures to $38 in my bank account.

It was a question that I am so grateful for today, even if It left me thinking for a humbling and agonizing while – “Me and my bloody big ideas”!

The question is – Mmmm I have been empowered now for 11 years as a Coach that has this gift bigger than I could ever claim for myself. Beyond my own human comprehension!!!

Yes that’s right – So then came the dreaded question……………….

So Terri what is going to be Your next massive Quantum Leap and Upgrade in Your life now?


And I literally stumbled into a dark pit where everything I had taken for granted had suddenly turned to an overwhelming, online, confusing, grinding, soul destroying mess!!

Sorry to be so dramatic – But I do confess I am an Actress at heart and I am not that much into drama to tell you the truth.

I am not saying that this is the case for everyone. In fact, I spoke to a lady today, that was the contrary. She moved in online and it was like every Arch Angel from above anointed her with the codes of wisdom to put all her soul aligned steps into Massive Aligned Action! I wish I had that story, but be careful what you wish for!

My journey was a lonely, isolated and soul crushing life of feeling deprived of my God given gift and to share it with the world. To me it does not get any worse than that!

I was all dressed up and no where to go!

I soon became as broke as a joke and did not have a penny to my name. Hence writing my blog “Dear Miss Money Penny”.

What was my biggest lesson?

I had to spiritually recharge, and renew and upgrade my level of thinking and allow the flow of spiritual abundance, become a value rather than a guilt of low self worth.

I had to learn that just because You have this massive gift that could literally change the world, does not mean to say You will be able to exhort, expound and share it….if You know what I f@#$ing mean? Yes when I start swearing, its coming from the fire in my soul.

So I literally hustled my butt off to pay my first mentor that needed to rescue me from the depth of despair. I would love to say, it worked, but um – lets just say, the money I paid lifted my currency anyway. And Yes, I hold onto one sentence she told me that I valued even if I believe hearing the words “The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything” is worth $10,0000. Maybe it was!

The next investment in my online business upgrade was around the same price. This time it was a male and he literally saved my ass!

Yes, the investment I made, was lets say creatively materialized and I borrowed it and within 2 weeks of doing his program, I had paid it back in full.

This took my spiritual abundance to the next level and I manifested $100K over night.

I then invested in a big ass Rolls Royce program where the Diva running the show, even if I felt out of my own depth and more like I had just dived into the middle of the sea, perhaps even with sharks, I was so dam terrified of the investment I made, I hustled my little butt off and turned over my 6 figure income that I was more accustomed too from the beginning.

Yep, that money was made out of up leveling. It had a lot to do with my God given gift that when People came into my vortex they literally shifted so fast and so profoundly, that they were truly grateful for finding me.

Finding me was the operative statement!

Why were my Avatars not finding me????

How can anyone in France that does not speak English understand a word You say, if you are talking to a world of people who do not speak Your lingo???

Now that last statement was a Gold Nugget!

How does one learn to speak the right language to the right people?

Well firstly You have to be in front of them!

I realized their were people out there praying for me, but I was speaking double dutch with a degree in french to the wrong people!

That is when I had to measure with the most wisest stick of knowledge, who the heck are my people?

What gifts do they possess?

What is the typical person who has become a raving fan
and had a life changing experience?

And most importantly, who did they become after their transformation????

This is when I discovered that every person I have ever served in over 14 years, and with more than 3, 800 case studies, soon moved into KNOWING WHO THEY WERE!

Their lives would take on a whole new trajectory as they stood out in their field.

They spoke their truth.

They found their voice.

Doors opened up for them as they embraced new opportunity.

They were gifted, caring, passionate, daring, non conformist, intelligent people, that at the very core, did not want to settle for a mediocre life, they had a big audacious goal locked inside them that was bursting to come out. 👩‍🏭🧙‍♂️🙏

Looking back, every success that is beyond my human consumption, has been birthed out of every painful experience, including every program I invested in that could have been foolishly mistaken for a waste!

  • Nothing is a waste when You look through Multi million Dollar Eyes and tell Yourself the wise truth that life experiences are the Gold Nuggets that lead us to our divine Destiny!!
  • The jig saw puzzle began to unravel!
  • Every piece seemed to hold a clue that led me to my majestic mansion!
  • Finally, every gold nugget and penny in my God given gifted life, suddenly came to life upon my most recent investment in my business!

Yes I could have purchased a house by now with the money I invested, but I cannot take my house with me.

I will however take my legacy!

So I developed a Program based upon my own journey and founded The Elite Crown Master Key Program!

I looked at all my most biggest pain points, after years of Coaching and having experienced my own epic transformation and knew, I had to create this program for other gifted leaders, influences, and coaches who literally want to place their stamp signature program on the world!

I recognized my Avatars, need a rock band, a support system to totally back them up, so their album will be a massive hit and lead onto a legacy.

I discovered the codes that unlocked My Gold Mine, My Fortune and My Glory and it all stems from my Story!

If you have a song within You, a brand, a program, a product, a service or a passion that you are ready to release, I want to give You the opportunity to have a heart to heart chat with me.

I would not dream in a million years of expecting You to join me unless You felt 100% soul aligned!

It is a Free call to look at how in 13 weeks from now, you can have a brand within Your brilliance, a credibility at the speed of light, a white glove transformation for Yourself and Your program, with the back stage grooming and support system to launch Your legacy!

If your mind is creating vision, we need to talk. if I lost you along the way, you need to walk. if you are curious I also invite You to join with me on this Free Life Call that has the potential to change the entire trajectory of Your life!

My exclusive link into my calendar: Click Here Else You can click on the Link Mentioned Below.

Sending you so much love

Terri Messenger

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