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Today is day 4 of THE FREE MASTERCLASS and its ACTION DAY where You can take the things in Your life that made You go Grrrrr and turn them into
G – Greatest Gold nuggets
R- Recognizing the pain of your story is your greatest glory
R – Releasing and letting go of the past
R – Revolutionizing Your life for success
R- Rising and claiming Your power
This is the day to implement the formula that will set You up with a rock-solid foundation and give you the 7 spiritual gifts to catapult Your Sacred Service and Life Purpose
1. Faith
2. Conviction
3. Dedication
4. Consistency
5. Staying Power
6. Inspiration
7. Enthusiasm
If you are a cram study type person You can get through this Free Master Class and get ready to launch Your Legacy on Friday.
Join the group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/510821919658481/
Terri xxx


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