Dissolve, clear and release the negative patterns holding You back from looking, feeling, and being Your best without diets, fads, or hours of committing to the gym and working out.

The Mind and Body Transformation

The Profound Makeover For Health, Wealth and Confidence

Heal the wounds of the past and step into Your greatest health, vitality and body

Valued $350

  • No more diets or fads
  • Tune into Your inner Confidence and Powerful Energy
  • Release the Sabotaging Patterns
  • Light up, and glow from the inside out

Imagine going back to the beginning of time and recoding Your inner child with the resources of love, connection, Inner confidence, importance and rock-solid certainty

Valued $500

  • More Focus
  • Higher Frequency
  • Self Love
  • Inspiration

A Multi Million Dollar Life
Begins with Multi Million-dollar Energy

Valued $500

  • Step into Your Divine Power of The Super You that Your inner child dreamt You would grow up to be and become that confident person!

Rejuvenate the cells of Your body, to become crystal clear and self heal Your emotional, physical and Spiritual pain!

Valued $500

  • A blissful immersion into paradise, where Your soul can bathe in crystal clear waters and balance, harmonize and purify Your entire being!

Total Value $2,600

You Pay One Payment in Full, Only $397

However Because Success Loves Speed, we want to take you through this program at the speed of light and we also understand the key to success is DECISION!

For those who feel aligned to become Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally Fit – I am offering a one-time only price……..

We will Accept For those willing to make the Decision NOW

  • A Full 21 Day Immersion with support with powerful modalities run by Dr Ian and Terri Messenger
  • Nurturing and supportive 1 on 1 Care with a Concierge Coach
  • Juicy, Potent, Powerful Transformation weekly with time for integration
  • Focus and Vision on Your own Personal Mind and Body Transformation
  • Cell Renewal Healing with Hypnosis for age regression and DNA Blueprint Change
  • Rewiring Your mind to be Spiritual, Physical and Emotionally Fit and Fabulous For Life.
  • Revolutionizing Your Life and Discovering Your Soul Aligned Purpose

Bonus #1

Connect with Your Concierge coach

A Free Discovery Call 1:1
Over and above This Full Program

Bonus #2

My Miracle Medicine Plant FREE
Value $150

The Secret to My Ageless and Timeless Body

“I can not thank Terri enough for this amazing vision and amazing program you have formulated. The changes I am already seeing in myself, not just personally or professionally, in my own life and in the life of my clients.
It is really empowering and so inspiring. I have been statically amazed every time I see you working so rapidly with the release of trauma. This new approach you have developed is an unique tool box of modalities and formulas.
I am excited, so humbled and honored. I would invite anybody to jump on a discovery call with Terri and discover it for yourself if the program is for you.”

Nicola Burton  (Counselor and NLP Master Practitioner)

I’ve been blessed with knowing Terri since 2015, and I am currently in one of her high end programmes. Initally when i reached out to Terri, it was during a very dark and confusing time and i was hoping for answers to all of my life dilema’s about my past present and my future. Her program has been able to move from that uncertain spot into a more brighter and fullfilling  space because she has given me valuable resources to make the most out of my career oppurtunities and has reignited the fire within me to remember that I am capable and that I hold the key to easily unlocking change within me and around me.
Terri is inspiring, she is creative, she is highly intuitive and incredibly intelligent and she just “knows” She does! And this is what you will notice, among many other things when working together with her. I can go on because to me Terri has been an incredible in guiding me, motivating me, pushing me and knowing when to step back and encourage me to let my inner genius shine through. To sum it up i would say dont jump into something like this unless you are ready to see big improvements in your life.
Thank you Terri Messenger!!

Noorain (Psychologist, Master NLP Practitioner, Relationship Specialist)

My first two sessions with Terri have had a profound influence on me. I’m can’t believe how my anxiety has reduced to the point where I’m no longer bothered by it. This in turn has reduced any depression I have previously suffered. I have also noticed my confidence has increased and I can think so much more clearly. I have suffered with these issues since a traumatic incident 7 years ago and have tried many treatments and this is the first time I have had success. Thank you.


This system for me has given me the confidence to turn up and coach as my authentic self. It has helped me in self-confidence and self-worth, and as a result I now feel so ready to launch myself into my coaching career with enthusiasm and excitement.

I have been taking multiple courses, but this system is the one that has finally not only given me the tools, but also the drive to succeed in my coaching business.

What I love about it most is the authenticity that shines through Terri, and involvement in her modalities to improve yourself each and every day.
I believe if You have this same opportunity to be on this journey with me You will be able to achieve absolutely anything you want to achieve within a supportive group!

Donna-lee Clarke


The value of the entire Program: $2,750.00

You Pay One Payment in Full, Only $397

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Coaching and Training Terms and Conditions:

1. Terms

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No member is required to be seen on Training.  You reserve the right to have a full experience and we advise to keep your camera off for any live training.

3. Payments

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4. Disclaimer

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Your decision to come into this coaching and training is fully Your responsibility and You will receive a service of Terri Messenger’s greatest practice.

All Transformation is fully held in responsibility of the client/customer and therefore no responsibility of Your personal success is accepted or taken by Terri Messenger except to deliver her great work.

The people who receive the best results are those who show up, do the work, and commit to the program.  Terri Messenger accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any life circumstances where you cannot or do not follow the program.  It is self-paced and regardless of any circumstances You are not eligible for any refund.

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6. Accuracy of materials

In the event of grammatical errors or any imperfections of photography, content or other, is fully acceptable by the party, on the proviso You have received the program according to Your agreed payment.  Terri Messenger is constantly updating, upgrading, and making iterations to the programs.  Whilst Terri Is a highly experienced Coach with years of intellectual property and success records, there is no responsibility accepted by her, in way of opinion of any parties entering into these terms and agreements.  

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