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Unleash Your Iconic Superpower, Manifest Your Magic, and Become a Legacy Leader in the exotic rice fields and lush green jungle of Tropical Paradise

4-DAY IMMERSION In the Majestic style luxurious Resort of this regal 5 star accommodation

Are You Yearning For Success, Glamor, Appreciation, And Recognition In Your Heart-Centered Service?

Are you ready to go on a life journey that will Transform Your Health, Wealth, Success, and Freedom in being the Superstar woman you have deeply desired and yet thought was too hard to achieve?

Are you a highly passionate, dedicated woman who is ready to break free from inhibitions and unlock the true code of abundance, beauty, style, and brilliance?

Are you yearning for success, glamor, appreciation, and recognition in your heart-centered service?

It’s time to step up and own your power because you have it within you to be the star of the show!

This will be living proof of how immersing Yourself into the exotic environment where Mother Earth will breathe new life into Your soul and the Island of the gods will bow favor to You wherever you go.

Let’s take the overwhelm out of Your Legacy and give you a taste of the magic in Your hands to upgrade Yourself exponentially in this land of milk and honey.

We understand that have held you back from achieving your goals.

Your passion to help others has often been mistreated and taken for granted, while your boundaries have been trampled upon.

You have dreamt for many years of the success, glamor, appreciation, and recognition You would have through your heart-centered service.

You are a high-level woman with even higher expectations, and this is what has let you down most of Your life.

Your passion to help others has been often mistreated and taken for granted and Your boundaries have been trampled on by even well-meaning people that take your open heart for granted.

It’s time to step up, girl!

It’s time to own Your power, regardless of age, creed, or culture.

Because you know you have it in You to be the star of the show!
When I say the star of the show, this does not mean the center of attention, even though this may have been misconstrued by others, over the years. This yearning is a deep calling from within that is Your legacy life.

You deserve the recognition, respect, and realization that

You were put on this earth for a reason.

It’s time for you to stand on the top of the mountain and swing through the rainforest and bring out Your fun, pleasure, and leisure as you are doing some of the greatest work you will ever do!

You have all the credentials to move mountains within You, so let’s go, girl!

Imagine letting go of your biggest problems and transforming into an inspirational higher version of yourself, ready to step up and become the super version you’ve always desired to be.

This will be a white glove transformation Royal treatment. ensuring You rise into Your Supernatural God given Power, to claim Your legacy life!

I have a long trail of raving fan customers, that have been referring me for years to family, friends, and others, however, this is going to be on the next level again and You are selected to participate in applying for this journey of a lifetime.

Yes, this is a Transformation of your legacy life in the island of the gods.


You will be in a 4-day immersion
where you will experience.

  • Your own personal Transformation

  • A Deep Immersion into Your Personalized White Glove Transformation

  • Yoga and body movement and the secret of an ageless mind, timeless body into longevity

  • NLP/Hypnosis + World class Meditations designed specifically for YOU.

  • Ceremonial Purification and rituals to cleanse the soul and purify the cells of Your body.

  • Cacao Ceremony for Manifestation and opening Your heart for love.

  • Sound healing and Feminine and Masculine balance of mind and body

  • Quantum Leap into Bonding with Your higher self

  • Breathwork with energy plus Emotional block release

  • Luxurious Massage with Manifestation Infusion

We will also be ensuring that Your Legacy Life is off the ground so we will also be giving you full support for 12 months!

Imagine the sheer joy and fulfillment of allowing your inner child to grow into the superstar you were meant to be.

As you embark on this journey, your very existence will become a catalyst for earth-changing transformation.

Your energy will rise, and your frequency will undergo a massive
upgrade so you may be the legacy in Your family tree.

Picture yourself in the enchanting land of Bali, Indonesia, where this extraordinary experience awaits you. You have been exclusively chosen because of your incredible talents and the potential you hold to move the world.

Its time to step into your power and embrace your zone of genius.

Together, we will make waves that ripple across the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of all who encounter your presence.

Hi, I’m Terri!

I am a World-Class Trainer, Coach, and Success Activator. I have been training and certifying coaches in NLP for over 15 years. And I have cultivated the most exciting modalities that will fast track you to where you want to go.

In these long years of experience, I noticed that many talented coaches and leaders fail in their industry because they are modeling other people’s templates and holding their full potential in lockdown.

My Genius Zone is in the phenomenal power of helping You to access that part of Your infinite intelligence. It
comes through my art of tapping into the Subconscious and helping You unleash your authentic full expression to be liberated from strongholds blocking Your success.

Who Is This For?

I feel if you are reading this, it is highly likely you have been called onto this epic journey because it’s not a public invitation.

I will choose an exclusive group that will be having a full overhaul of their life and the only prerequisite is that you are willing to fly to Bali and Transform Your life in that magical environment.

Read closely, because what I’m about to share is crucial.

While this may not be the first retreat held in Bali, I must emphasize that this exclusive invitation to transform your life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do this one-on-one with Terri Messenger.

This is my soul’s offering, crafted exclusively for you to come on a profound journey of transformation in your health, wealth, purpose, and passion to Launch your Legacy life.

The time for change is now, and I’m here to guide
you every step of the way.

The White Glove Transformation – Embody a New Frequency to rise in your highest energy.

This is the individualized, tailor-made transformation to elevate Your Multimillion-Dollar Energy.

It will lift the lid off your goldmine into your potent power for you to rise as a superstar quality in:

  • Wealth – Opulence, and luxury

  • Health – Strength, Beauty and Ageless Body

  • Magnetism – Power, Beauty, and ageless timeless Body
  • Success – Upgrading to the Level of who You want to become

  • Freedom – Liberation into Your Limitless Potential

In this Program, you’ll experience:

  • Experience your limitless potential being free of your past story that becomes your crown of glory.

  • A mindset, abundance, money, purpose, sales, and business elite coach all in one.

  • Create a new magnetic aura in being a light to call in Your tribe with ease, flow, and grace.

  • Reveal your Genius Zone and superpower so you can step into your own magic.
  • Celebrity magnetism to bring out your magic.

  • Set your mission vision and purpose

  • Harness the states of Certainty, Confidence and Faith to live according to Your conviction

  • 10X Your health, wealth success and freedom

Now I truly believe this is an offer You will never hear of or see again, however here is the part I believe
will blow your mind.

Retreats attract high ticket prices because of the luxurious environment and the exclusive offer, however, you will receive our

This is a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive offer to YOU!

You will be up close and personal for 4 full days as we Brand Your

Brilliance and Launch Your Legacy Life.

OMG! What?

You better make a move before everything changes!!!


$2,777 – Deposit $777

until the 5th of November

Retreat Schedule


17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th of June