Wowa, what a week it has been!!!! I always know when there is about to be huge shifts in my space where people come into, that I will go through some big ascension challenges.

I do not want to bore You with the grueling details Yet, because I am still amidst traveling through them to Upgrade to the other side.

This is something I always recommend for Leaders and influencers of any industry. Do not talk about Your issues, until You have successfully navigated through them. Remember what you say about the world, is what the world is giving back to You. This is why holding Your tongue until you have complete understanding is an important philosophy in the art of Manifestation.

Now that I have that off my chest, I have a big Proposition to make to You!

I am making a promise that this Masterclass is going to be fully played out with my powerful gift of what I do in creating epic change, success and bringing freedom to the lives of many thousands.

Do you think that icons like Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa were free from adversity?

Let me assure you one thing, their success was not born out of being wrapped up in cotton wool.

Even when You look at some of the richest people in the world – Let’s take Elon Musk as I am studying him at the moment as a NLP Master Trainer.

Elon Musk, is socially awkward, brinks on the spectrum of autism, and is so polarizing even his blood close family judge him and ridicule him. Wowa!!!

But what is the common factor here with the Spiritual Prosperity of these people? They have a burning passion where they are so on fire, maybe people come, just to watch their hair burn, but putting aside the naysayers, the haters, the critics every one of these guys are more concerned about their mission on this earth, than being the most popular socialite among friends and family.

These people will put their mission before their ego! Have I pissed you off enough Yet?

Well if so please do  not sign up for my Masterclass. If you are more curious, intrigued or even can relate to some of this conversation not for the faint hearted, please make sure you have Registered!

This Master Key will be offered for those who are truly passionate about their life work, and making a change in the world, and Your ready to ditch the massive adversities, that you know are playing out in Your life on repeat

Spiritual Prosperity Codes will come to you in the comfort of Your environment!


Unlock the prosperity within you through the codes of frequency, harmony, and simplicity.

Oh and by the way, harmony does not include being a doormat. It means honoring Your values and speaking your truth because You know Your harmony and are not prepared for anyone to disrupt it, unless You have given permission or You truly need to be told a hard truth! Yes, the best of us need to at times. I have had to play that one out of late, and whilst it never feels fluffy and warm to always tell the truth. It beats the heck out of being trampled on like a floor that people think they can parade their BS on!

Yes, if you are ready to step into Your Power and Rewire your spiritual blueprint to manifest abundance, these upgrades come with the territory!

Join us in the journey to prosperity, where your self-worth becomes the platform for the rise of Your Prosperity!

Yes, I want in now!

Discover how to dissolve deep-rooted beliefs, recode from desperation to realization, and step into your Zone of Genius. Our Masterclass goes beyond the ordinary – we’ll be utilizing powerful world-class modalities like NLP, Hypnosis, and other biohacking techniques to accelerate your transformation.

Stop burning out on the treadmill to nowhere. Invest in yourself first, and watch the transformation unfold.

See you at the Masterclass!

Love and Light 

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