I am so excited to give you the keys to ignite your inner brilliance and claim your rightful place in the kingdom of your dreams. In case you are wondering what on earth I am doing giving a $10K Program away for just $97 per month, humour me as I take you on a magical journey in the Royals Royce of transformational coaching at this unprecedented investment of just $97 per month.

The Journey of Transformation

My back story is that for over 16 years, my White Glove Transformation has empowered thousands from diverse backgrounds, transcending deep-rooted addictions and catalyzing profound change. While my journey has been adorned with accolades for these successes, it has been the discovery of the critical impediments blocking the path of passionate souls like yourself that has truly shaped my purpose.

In my early days, a fierce ambition simmered within, urging me to ascend as a light to the world in making an indelible impact on this planet. I learned firsthand that the most significant triumphs often emerge from the depths of adversity.

So part 1 of this story is that my Transformative Journey literally change my own life in Health, Wealth, Self Confidence, Awakening my own Soul Purpose.

Part 2: Living a Legacy Life

I did not get off the hook that easy though. When Ian and I sold our practice in 2017, he became the Senior Chiropractor and continued working with the young man who purchased the clinic. Meanwhile, I ventured into the online space, brimming with confidence from my prior triumphs.

However, fate had other plans, and the universe humbled me profoundly. My once flourishing six-figure practice dwindled, and I found myself struggling to even pay for the Christmas ham on the table that Year. A story for another time… The transition to the online sphere proved to be a stark awakening as I entered the cricket show and could not work out why people were not throwing their credit cards at me, as they had in person on many occasions.

The simple fact is I had to find my niche if I was to make an impact in digital marketing of my services.

After investing an arm and a leg into resources and navigating numerous trials, a transformative realization dawned upon me. I resolved to embark on a mission to foster a legacy of passionate leaders, eager to carve their mark through their unique genius. Hence, the genesis of the Royalty Elite Crown.

This awakening came from a day when I was at my darkest despair, wondering what had gone wrong. Then it hit me like thunder and lightning booming from the sky. It was not about the many thousands of people who came to me with trauma, addiction, PTSD, weight management, Addiction, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, and stress just to name a few things because let’s face it, WE ARE NOT OUR FEELINGS OR OUR PAST CIRCUMSTANCES.

That was the booming moment the penny dropped! 90% of the people I had been serving were highly influential people, generous of nature, and highly dedicated to helping others. It was not even about their careers because they varied between solopreneurs, business people, teachers, counselors, and even psychologists and people quite high up in leadership in the corporate world. I knew I had to get my clients to start focusing on their Legacy, rather than the pain of their adversity. I soon figured out that the pain of a person’s story would convert into the crown of their glory.

The Royal Elite Coaching System

Introducing the Royalty Elite Crown

This is where The Royalty Elite Crown was born. Now, this isn’t just another run-of-the-mill coaching system. It’s an immersive experience tailored for those who recognize the potency of their energy as their superpower – a community dedicated to maintaining a high frequency and serving as an icon of leadership in their respective fields. Our comprehensive approach encompasses strategic guidance, energetic alignment, spiritual enlightenment, and a specialized mastermind team committed to ushering you towards online prominence.

Distinct from other programs, the Royalty Elite Crown amalgamates personal development, strategy, and spiritual awakening, creating a holistic platform to unlock your highest potential. As I endeavor to transform the lives of a million people by 2028, I acknowledge the indispensable role of a collective journey, and thus, I extend my hand to offer you the key to your own kingdom.

So, if you’re ready to step into the realm of your brilliance, claim your legacy, and experience profound transformation, the Royalty Elite Crown is your pathway. It’s an investment in yourself that will pay dividends in health, wealth, and self-confidence, awakening your soul’s purpose. Don’t wait any longer; unlock your inner brilliance and join us on this extraordinary journey today!

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