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 innWe are receiving messages, downloads and signs all the time!

If you are in a position where You want to speak up, do more and You feel squashed or  suppressed it’s usually a sign you have outgrown where You are!! 

In the workplace or even a performing sport or art, you may come up against rivalry even in Your own team.

It usually happens where leadership is either not strong enough for you, or they are not where you want to be.  In many cases they may only be in a leading role because of time and luck and if you have exceeded that level in duty, you may  feel suppressed under their leadership.  This can happen especially if You are a massive threat to their position.  

There does not need to be a feud or even a parting of ways.  It can be easily resolved.  Simply assessing Your situation in a workplace and checking into Your inner thermometer is a good sign when its time to jump!!

There may even be other opportunities or a sign for You to take up that role and allow the signs of restriction to be a neon light saying -Its time to make a move!

This can seem heart wrenching if there are friendships, but it is not nearly as heart wrenching as the  soul that is restrained from its life purpose.

Suppression and constriction is a sure sign from Your inner guide that you are stifled and You need to shift up or out!  Period.

You have been given a physical thermometer to guide you and if there is pain, you are ready for gain.

Many people will stick around because they are a sucker to their own people pleasing personality trap.

Do not be tricked between stretched and constricted.  They both feel uncomfortable, only when you have a Coach or mentor who is stretching you, it is a good sign.  It means they can see Your potential and you have room to up level and upgrade. 

If your mentor is not there, you are kept under the ceiling of someone else’s level that may be well suited for the masses, however if you are a high achiever and you feel stifled, it will not be enough for you.

The coach that is stretching You is growing you.  This is where perseverance is a great thing for those who are dedicated to up leveling. Even when you feel that you are not ready, or its tough.  The Coach who is stretching you and believing in you is a far greater than the coach who is suppressing you. 

If you feel suppressed by the mentor ship you are under, it means, you have outgrown them and you will feel like a volcano ready to erupt!  Get out!  Move quick. Unless You want to stagnate.  This is not necessarily an offence you need to feel between you and the leader, it just simply means they are not where you want to be.  Its a lesson of You becoming humble and often a test of Your character.  Whilst its never right to be above any act of service that is appropriate in the work place, because we know, the greatest leaders will bend down and pick up the rubbish off the floor, however ensuring all ego from yourself is put aside, no the difference between feeling restricted because its time to shift and uncomfortable because its time to stretch. 

Just know the difference!  Remember that everyone wants to feel important.  Many people who are prepared to play Mr Nice Guy or Miss good girl, will do everything by the book and they will be happy to appease the hierarchy.  If you are following my blog you are more than likely to be a high achiever.  A square peg in a round hole.  More known as the black sheep or even worse a misfit or the rebel.

Let me tell you there are no Mr Nice Guys or Miss Good girl’s, in the world of Epic Success!  I do not mean to say that those with epic success are bad, in fact quite the contrary.  Obscure? maybe.  Misunderstood? definitely and they are bold, strong, courageous and have had to overcome a lot of battle.  This is because they stand for something!!!

Knowing the difference between what You feel stretched about and what you feel suppressed about is the massive difference between staying or going!

A Dolphin cannot swim in a pool for to long, eventually it will feel restricted, will not be able to move properly and will perish.  It needs a sea to allow it to move freely.  A small fish who swims in a big sea, will survive in a fish tank, but a Dolphin will surely die in the same one.

If you are being squashed, suppressed or stifled,  read the writing on the wall and move into the sea where you can find the flow and space to move, thrive and come into Your own!!

If you are being stretched and feel overwhelmed, ground into Yourself, meditate, move your body, however do not give up because You deserve to rise and claim Your Billion Dollar Gift!  

Just remember, do not allow anyone to rob you from expanding and being in Your highest self!

When this does occur, it means you are facing yet another life lesson to be groomed for the future.

Avoid burning bridges with people just because you have differences.  You never know when Your paths may cross again.  Yes an intimate partnership is different, if you have outgrown one another, and you know its time to move on, its more likely you will need to cut soul ties to be set free.

A leadership role or the work place simply requires for you to know, this can be done with dignity, integrity and complete authenticity to Your truth.

I have faced this issue on a few occasions in my life.  Looking back now, they were gold nuggets of treasures, to give me the character, the humility and the tenacity to forge my own life forward.  I am so grateful for those times and if I can learn one lesson from it – You are not responsible for other people, You are only responsible to Yourself and by listening to Your inner GPS is usually better than waiting for the Universe to push you out of the situation to do you the greatest favor for Your future.

No regrets for life’s disappointments, just beautiful life lessons, to guide you upon the path to your ultimate destiny

Terri xxx





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