When Your biggest Trigger fires off Your success

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When Your biggest Trigger fires off Your success

I was desperately in the darkest spot of my life.  A young mother, lost hope with no purpose and a failing marriage that was slowly eating my soul.

When your life hits the wall, You begin doing strange things to resurrect it.  Moving the furniture in the house at am in the morning, hoping for a shift in consciousness.  Buying promised holidays from con artists that call you from the other side of the world promising vacations in paradise for a mere $2,000.00 for the family.  When you are desperate, you will try anything.

Then came the night I awoke and put on the t.v and there was a tall, strong, bold, courageous man blurting out the power of words that momentarily gave a fix to my soul.  I remember feeling so compelled by this guy on the t.v at the wee hours of the morning and his words lifted my spirits and something deep within me knew this was the answer.  

I wrote the number down that was on the other side of the world, yet again, and tried desperately to call and book for this program.  It rang through to an empty vortex, leaving me with hope, and yet discouraged that I was not able to get through.

My life was in failing mode, as my marriage to my child hood sweet heart had become soul crushingly irretrievably broken down.

I made the shift and left and was so desperate for finding my soul purpose, I had a flash of being a lady monk and living on my own in the mountains and praying to God every day and just finding that inner peace.  Yes a real life true inner thought. 

My kids were still young, so life was hardly about to become quieter as they entered teen years with vengeance. (More about that later).

I met my second husband during the break down of my marriage.  He was not the reason for me to leave, he was just destined to be there at that time.

I always had a tendency to be like the phoenix.  I knew the harder I fell, was the higher I would rise.  Been there done that after my break down in Real Estate.

My now husband a Doctor of Chiropractic pointed me into the direction of NLP where I would be Certified in a craft of words and powerful modalities.  I did not believe it until I was living it!  Where on earth did this powerful stuff come from, I remember thinking.

Suddenly one day, that same tall, strong, courageous, confident man came onto the screen again 2 years after the night I was desperately seeking his power.  He was still blurting out more powerful words of wisdom.  “Wow” I thought there he is, he showed up again, only this time, I came to know him as a fellow colleague and kindred spirit.  Yes Mr Anthony Robbins was a flash to my future, in those dark moments, years earlier. 

The chapter would direct me back to the path that was to be my destiny.

Today I feel like he is my brother from another mother.  In my Certification Training, unbeknownst to me, I had done exactly what Anthony Robbins had done, and gone out in public and began practicing the powerful modalities before I was even certified.

The stuff was magic!  I was obsessed!!

I set up clinic and married Ian and I began changing one life at a time, profoundly, pervasively and permanently.  Like myself, once people experienced my art, they were never the same.  They rose into their greatest form.

I became an addict and went on through many schools, repeating, resitting and climbing the ladder and in 2011 I became a Certified Hypnotherapist.  In the years between I became Certified also in in EFT, Kinesiology, time line therapy, and every subconscious phenomena under the planet.  

When I wasn’t practicing my magic in clinic, I was absorbed in research and spent thousands of hours in the thought change behavior that would transform lives at the speed of light.

I was living my soul aligned God given purpose.

I was even told by a prophet, Ian was supposed to be in my life, but be careful because my calling was of more paramount significance in my life.  My husband accepted it at the time, and he still accepts it over a decade later.  My service is my life!

I am  a Creatrix or in laymen’s terms – a non conformist. I do not follow the majority or follow the book.  I am lead by soul and Yes I am different in many ways and have been known to be reserved with friends as loving and heart felt as I am.

My mission is my service!  It’s that simple!

I spend time in my creatrix vortex creating my own meditation scripts that blow people out of the water every time!

I have blended together earth moving powerful modalities, that are unfathomable in their rapid success of transformation, and now write my own scripts to bring conscious competency to the work I do.

I have trained Coaches for over a decade, however a massive revelation took place in my life, the day I threw out all my teachers text books and began teaching my students my own modalities!

The Elite Coaching Master Key is now on my website and is coming soon to go live on air in August 1st 2020.  It is also offered on my website without the live workshop and it will be integrated onto it and constantly upgraded regularly.   


 I will bring to life the magic of communication and the power of modalities, blended together in my workshop, that will not only revolutionize lives, however they will put Coaches, Leaders and influencers on the map to specialize in their field.

Once you experience these powerful modalities of what I call long strides into  Quantum leaps,  you will experience the profound and yet simplicity of how You can transform Your life in less than an hour through each modality and brand Your brilliance with my strategy system of change work.

 One of the greatest investments I ever made in my life, when my life had been falling apart, was the one I could not afford!!!

 The one my family told me I was insane for doing.

The one that saw many of my friends turned their back on me

 I am soooo grateful for that experience!!!!

 That man on the big screen came back for me.  I ended up doing exactly the Certification in NLP he was talking about on the t.v that night!!

I grew up at the age of 40.  I learned how to transmute a painful memory into a launching pad for my rising destiny and every trigger that I had, became fuel toward my success.

I have seen countless miracles in thousands of clients I have consulted, and my own miracle even saw me grow an extra half a centimetre in height in my middle age.

 I rose up in confidence, courage and power and dissolved the past like a rock of salt in the deep blue ocean and passed that same gift onto the world.

The moral of this story is the things that make You go Grrrrrrrrrrr in life, that trigger the Shiz  out of You, become Your launching pad for being a full expression of Your epic success.

 I have discovered it is when you are broke, that you need to take the risk. 

I made a decision to step into my God given purpose.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

If I  had not taken the bold step to quantum leap into that decision of FAITH, I would not be writing this blog and changing lives, every day of my life.

I understand this is legacy work.  My mission is to impart it onto others who also have a heart and a mission to influence others in a profound way.

So if you have been doing what I did for so long and telling yourself 

I’m not ready

My friends will desert me

I will be rejected

What if I fail?

What if I succeed?

I say – Yeah so what!!! 

If you keep doing the same thing, You will keep getting the same thing – so know when its time to unlock Your power, your passion, your purpose, your prosperity and Your billion dollar brand and that is YOU!

 My message is this – Claim Your Power Now!

If you know You are ready, just do it!!

 Understand Your  billion dollar brand is about Your story!

Your story is Your glory!

Your challenges are Your greatest hidden gold nuggets behind Your Grrrr (My acronym)

G – Gold. Your gold treasure to transform, transmute & treasure.

R – Recognize.  Recognize the triggers & launch them like a MOFO

R – Realize.  Realize the learning behind it that You needed to become all of YOU!

R- Release.  Release the trigger and the story and dissolve the old emotion

R- Rise.  Rise into Your Epic Success of being a full expression of You.

 Learn how to turn your own life around and find the certainty to make the decision to own Your life now.

 The Elite Coacihng Master Key is coming with vengeance and I am ready to put that key into the palm of Your hand, so you can unlock  Your Superhuman power and 10 X your health, your wealth, your relationships, and your bsuiness.

I am offereing a free call to help You map out this new powerful journey.  You can jump on a call and become crystal clear and lucid laser focused about Your God given gift.  Click n book here https://calendly.com/meschiro-1/45-min

Terri xxx