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Firstly this was created because over 14 Years and serving almost 5000 clients, I observed what the method was for helping people become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL!!!

I created 5 Keys that were blended with several of the most cutting edge, World Class modalities and wove them together!

Having the expectations of my own life, as a high achiever, insatiably starving for success, I discovered that only once I found My own Master Key of Mission, Vision and Purpose, that is when I truly came to life!!!

I held a high value for the codes of beauty, independence, strength as a women and passion in changing lives.


Once I gave the Master Key to many thousands of others, and became a Trainer, I identified the next big gap!!!!!

Many Gifted coaches, leaders and business people were stuck in struggleville and are trapped in their own silent desperation not knowing how to package up their programs, attract their avatar and were shrinking back about showing up, speaking their truth, and bringing their message to the world.

I knew many people were wanting to soar in their lives, but not wanting to take Years in therapy to overcome fear, a limitation or even a phobia. The Subconscious Technology I coach, teach and train literally is the fastest most, rapid source of profound change, as the miracle of the body does the work.

The next big problem I identified was that Many people were going from program, however had no idea how to package up their gift and leverage it to their dream clients.

Many high achievers with hearts of gold, were passionate about helping others, but to shy and self conscious to show up and bring their message to the world. The fact is if you keep on doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same thing!

This is when I cultivate the 5 Key areas through NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Kinesiology and high priestess work. of Your life that are interconnected with the main cornerstones of your life being: Multi Million Dollar Energy – your ultimate health, radiance, unlocking your beauty codes, and strong constitution of well being.

Rich Relationships – This is your magnetic attraction to calling in your soul aligned , friends, peers and love of your life. Spiritual & Emotional Wealth – the prosperity codes unleashed through your self love, self worth, self confidence and courage to liberate your deep sense of worth.

Mission, Vision, Purpose – this is your unique blueprint that will give you exponential growth to stand out in your zone of genius

Legacy Life – the activation of your success with all these codes unlocked, releasing your potent powerful signature service that will expound the authenticity of your deluxe, supreme, and passionate program packaged with mission, vision and precision.


Why did I create this program as a World Class Coach/Trainer and Therapist? There was 2 massive issues I saw in my field of Coaching, Training, and Therapy: Problem 1 – The biggest one of all and one I had been stuck in for years was that I had big dreams, big goals and I knew I wanted to be someone. I knew I had a huge compassionate heart and I knew I had a gift with people.

BUT I was stuck in my world of self doubt, fear and the many failures I had been through. The dream was big, but the ability to get there seemed even bigger! Solution – When I learned the art of how to fast track through to the subconscious mind and smash the ceiling off my own upper limit – EVERYTHING CHANGED!

I also noted that people who came through my practice were going from a place of darkness, despair, no hope, and rising to epic levels beyond even my own expectations.

In fact, the truth be told, the high level of achievement in people’s lives, and the massive breakthroughs they receive will never cease to amaze me.

Problem 2 – this is in the Training and Certifying space where people want to learn these powerful tools and take them out into their field of expertise. BUT – they didn’t know where to start!

They couldn’t get the leverage to piece it all together and put into a practice that would put them at the top of their field and give them the credit, recognition and attraction they deserved. This big block I identified was the widest gap in the market!

The investment they had made was not allowing them the TRACTION they deserved. Or for some Coaches, they lacked a powerful and profound process that would change the face of their market. Many high achievers simply did not know where to start.

Sure, they possess the passion and the desire for it, because they discovered first hand how great the processes are but no lever to propel the power of their knowledge and convert it. Quite often when a person does not take care of each cornerstone of their life, its hard to be gifted in one area of Your life without feeling the Imposter Syndrome.

Becoming Wildly Successful means having a mindset where You Re- code Yourself do things in a certain way! The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything!

Yes you may have an enormous gift to share, however if you are not living in congruence with Your values, Your vibrancy and what lights you will lack the confidence, courage and conviction that is required to show up and blow up in a magical way.


Join my Free Master Class and learn how You can have the Master Key to Unlock Your Wildest Success! This is what will bring fourth a vibrant, magnetic, and flowing service and fulfilling life.



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