The secret to unleashing your most infinite Success is to embrace every aspect of your life in every way!

If you are battling against your own feelings, you are simply at war with yourself!

Many people fall into the trap of grinding against their own internal GPS, as if the feelings were out of their control and treat them like the enemy rather than the thermometer to adjust what needs realignment.

When this emotional war is going on within us, it is merely an in congruence between the subconscious and conscious that requires integration

When you embrace the fact that your feelings are your internal thermometer that want you to stop, look, listen & learn – This is when you can fuel up your love tank and move forward

Here is a 7 step process to give you the resources to break free from negative feelings

1) What is it I am feeling? Eg; Disappointment
2) If there were a second feeling to describe it what would it be? Eg; Sad
3) State the 2 emotions together – I feel disappointingly sad! This is a double negative = Positive
4) If this emotion had a voice that could tell you what it requires what would it say? Eg; You need to feel important, appreciated, loved, respected or maybe more confident.
5) Ask yourself if I had more of that feeling of………… What action would I take? Run this new behavior through your mind
6) What will I see and hear myself doing when I am taking this action?
7) Will this benefit me to achieve this?

This is a powerful method to change your state and to send the message to the subconscious mind that you have filled your love tank with fuel and its now time to move forward!!

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