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My name is Terri Messenger and over 14 Years I have cultivated the most exciting modalities, that will fast track You to where You want to go.

My Story

I can help You Transform Your life and Rapidly Release Trauma, Stress, and Sabotaging Patterns at the speed of light so You can Rise into Epic Success and Claim Your Power!!

My name is Terri Messenger and over 14 Years I have cultivated the most exciting modalities, that will fast track You to where You want to go.

Utilizing NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology and now my High Priestess work, I have helped over 3000 people address every element from major fear and self-doubt, transmuting it into the Backbone of Your Outstanding High Performance in Service and Creating the Vibrant Life You deserve.

I will help You in Your own Personal Individual Skill Set, to create your vision and Rise Authentically assisting You to find Your God-given Purpose.

I have Cultivated the greatest technology and perfected it over the years. My system is most sought after by other Coaches, Teachers, Leaders, and Businesspeople as the cutting edge streamlined package to Your Epic Success.

My Coaching includes Coaching, Training, and Certifying and unlike most Training Schools around the world, I will ensure You receive all the following Coaching includes Coaching, Training, and Certifying and unlike most Training Schools around the world I will ensure You receive all the following

1. Revolutionizing Your life (For everyone)

2. Building A Rock-Solid Ground of Confidence, Courage, and Power (For Coaches, Leaders, Businesspeople who want epic success)

3. Giving You the Mastery System for Life for outstanding influence, communication, and Therapy. (Certification)

4. Branding Your Brilliance package up your unique gifts and sell like a superstar with a sacred divine service with a power system of modalities.

Why Me?

Rapid Release of Trauma within one session

This Powerful Process is a blend of the world class Modalities created by Terri Messenger and will release you from Trauma, Anxiety and Significant Emotional Events at the speed of light. This is also demonstrated to work at a holographic level where it has been proven to have a domino effect on many other areas of Your life.

Training You with the power system with scripts and step by step guidance

Because Terri Messenger’s Modalities have been specifically formulated blending up to 10 different techniques into one powerful modality, this takes the confusion for Coaches learning the system of NLP or Hypnosis and blends it into a full powerful session to get magic results. Many coaches do not know where to start and struggle with feeling overwhelmed on which process to utilize. This completely closes the gap and gives You an effortless step by step system of potent powerful techniques blended into one cutting edge process. This also includes meditation scripts, swipe files and mantras placed into Your hands for life.

Discovering Your Soul Purpose so you can live a lit up, inspired and energized life

This is rare gemstone treasure, for You to learn and to pass this gift onto those You influence. It is the most powerful way to discover what You truly desire in Your life with a magical easy system that will take you into the depth of knowing Your Why and helping others to find their Why too. This will turn Your biggest dreams of what You want and allow the doors to open for how it takes place. Anthony Robbins says – “When the Why is big enough, the how will take care of itself”. Terri Messenger places the magic of this formula into your hands for life.

Giving the 12 greatest modalities formulated out of a blend of the best power tools

Giving the 12 greatest modalities formulated out of a blend of the best power tools on planet earth that will heal, change, transform and revolutionize Your life. When Coaches go through the training there can be so many different modalities to learn and knowing how to put everything together is key. Therefore, I have named this “The Master Key System” as it will unlock the greatest coaching tools for You to have for life and impact the life of others. I have created 12 of the most powerful Techniques, that derive from the full system of NLP, Hypnosis with a blend of Kinesiology and High Priestess work and rather than giving You so many different strategies where You have to guess, estimate and decide what, how and when to do every technique, You have 12 potent powerful juicy and life changing techniques that will totally revolutionize Your clients life. This Mastery Certification will give You the full system of what You need to know, however the guess work is taken out for you and put together in an easy format of Transformational Tools with Your video and scripts for life.

Showing You the system to create Your Epic Success as a Coach and creating Your entire business from start to finish.

Unlike many Coaching and Training Schools that offer Certification, Terri Messenger saw a gap in the system that was causing gifted coaches and business people to get Certified and not do anything with their skills. On the other hand, there are trainings that offer a great business model, however, do not give you the cutting-edge tools to make the change. Then there are training schools who will give you a great System of techniques however will be quite adamant on it being a teaching forum rather than a healing environment. Terri identified that most great Coaches, need healing first and then a great system of powerful modalities and then onto discovering how to ACTIVATE their business from from A to Z. Terri will Coach You, Train You and help You to create Your soul aligned service and brand Your brilliance.

I also help coaches package up their brilliance and walk them through from teaching the system to launching Your Coaching practice.

Yes as above, you will receive the A to Z potent, powerful process and the unprecedented process to literally launch Your business with You, so that You can fly and be in momentum in through the World Class Process of delivering Your unique designed program that will give you the ability to stand out in Your Field, erasing all competition with the powerful magic of magnetically attracting Your soul aligned client and selling Your service like a Superstar.

THIS DEEP DIVE IMMERSION into Your Power will ensure you stand out in Your field and become an authentic, magnetic, and influential leader in Your chosen industry.
My speciality is in leading Coaches to ACCELERATE, ACTIVATE AND ASCEND in a divine sacred service.

eliminates competition in Your desired field because you will be an Original.

Are you ready to rise into Epic Success, where you Love what you do and own Your voice, Your service and Your power?

My Approach

Revolutionizing Your Life can begin NOW!!!

Ascend Your Greatest Success in this Advanced Mastery to Your Health, Wealth, Success, and Freedom!

The greatest people on earth, are often those who trail blazed through the biggest adversities!!!


The map is not the territory!!! (NLP Presupposition) It does not matter what road you have traveled, it’s time for you to become the Master of Your Destiny!!!
Let’s turn Your story into Your glory
Your pain into Your fame
And Your mess into Your message!!!


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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