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Unleash Your Iconic Superpower, Manifest Your Magic, and Rise as a

Legacy Leader

Amidst Exotic Rice Fields and Lush Jungle in Tropical Paradise
17 – 20 JUNE 2024
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It’s time to awaken your extraordinary superpower, harness your inner magic, and step into your role as a Legacy Leader!




It’s Your Time to be Iconic in your field!

This is your chance to undergo a White Glove Transformation – an opulent experience that will enable you to tap into your supernatural, innate power and seize your legacy life.
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It’s Time to Rise and Embrace Your Inner Genius – Embrace Your Power!

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey that will set ablaze your Health, Wealth, Success, and Freedom, propelling you into the awe-inspiring individual you’ve always envisioned?

As passionate and dedicated individuals, are you poised to shatter the constraints that have held you back, unlocking the abundant code of self empowerment, inner genius, strength, and brilliance that resides deep within?

Do you yearn for Success, Captivation, Maverick spirit, Appreciation, and Recognition as you wholeheartedly serve?

Picture immersing yourself in an exotic environment where Mother Earth breathes new life into your spirit, and the Island of the Gods lavishes its blessings upon you wherever your footsteps lead.

I am Terri Messenger!

I am a World-Class Trainer, Coach, and Success Activator. I have been training and certifying coaches in NLP for over 15 years. And I have cultivated the most exciting modalities that will fast track you to where you want to go.

In these long years of experience, I noticed that many talented coaches and leaders fail in their industry because they are modeling other people’s templates and holding their full potential in lockdown.

My Genius Zone is in the phenomenal power of helping You to access that part of Your infinite intelligence. It comes through my art of tapping into the Subconscious and helping You unleash your authentic full expression to be liberated from strongholds blocking your success.

Elevate Your Energy and Embrace Your

Supernatural Power

Introducing The White Glove Transformation – A Personalized Voyage to Elevate Your Multimillion-Dollar Energy.

In this bespoke program, you’ll soar to new heights in

Experience opulence and luxury

Embrace strength, allure, and vitality

Radiate power, charm, and timeless appeal

Elevate to the realm of your dreams

Liberate your boundless potential

Throughout this transformative journey, you’ll

  • Shed the weight of your past narrative and embrace limitless potential
  • Gain insights from a mindset, abundance, money, purpose, sales, and business elite coach – all in one
  • Cultivate an irresistible aura, effortlessly attracting your tribe with grace and confidence
  • Tap into your Genius Zone and superpowers, unveiling your unique magic
  • Exude celebrity magnetism, revealing your true genius
  • Define your mission, vision, and purpose
  • Cultivate Certainty, Confidence, and Faith to live authentically
  • Amplify your health, wealth, success, and freedom by tenfold

What is included

  • The most profound Transformational Immersion through world class Modalities
  • Rapid release of Trauma and Stress to Activate Your Next Level of Prosperity and Wild Success
  • A deep dive into Your Zone of Genius for You to return home in the Legacy of Your investment
  • Spiritual Prosperity Codes to Activate Your Wealth and Quantum Leap into Your Results
  • Billion Dollar Energy of Your greatest gift of health through Cellular Repair
  • Rewiring Your Ancestral DNA Blue Print to Create the Legacy Leader in You
  • Purifying & Cleansing Rituals
  • Gentle Body Movement & Yoga to maintain an ageless mind and timeless body
  • Sound healing high frequency to upgrade Your vibration

The investment is a one of price never to be held at this price again so act fast!

  • Airport Transfers to be chauffeured to Your luxurious accommodation

  • Private room to accommodate 2 people

  • 3 x Breakfast and 3 x Lunch/dinner = 2 Meals a day to fit in with our calendar

This will also include FREE time to integrate and tour as Your hearts desires in a pockets of the Journey.


Celebrity Package

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Group Package

Paid in full
Balance to be paid in full 1 month prior to Retreat

Celebrity Package

Secure your spot today in payment plan for only

$500/ month

Group Package

Secure your spot today in payment plan for only

Balance to be paid in full 1 month prior to Retreat
$500/ month