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Success Stories


Here are some of our inspirational #EveryDaySuperstars who have been part of my programs.

Once you join my live programs, you will enter into a private members-only container with almost daily group coaching for the duration of the program where you will hear transmissions directly from me. Together we will rise!

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Wonderful things are happening. I am so excited. I’m about ready to cry.

I have been through so much and Terri understands me in so many different ways. I am a coach and today was so remarkable with this client. It was God sent. I don’t even know how to describe it. There’s been so many blocks and things that have happened and it’s just like, everything is just breaking loose. It’s okay to be me. It’s okay to care. It’s okay to continue on my path. Because we’re so strong.

Today’s experience was so beautiful. So connected, so universal. And God Terri. I just can’t even say enough about today. And I just know that the universe has me, and that God has me. And I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just want to thank you so much.

Because you are such an inspiration. And I am so looking forward to this journey now. And I love you. I love you. You are beautiful. You’re such a beautiful soul.

We are Queens together. And we stand and we have our crowns on. I am so appreciative of the work that we’ve done together.

Sherry Serrano

In just one session, Terri healed the fear of self-judgement which was stopping me from showing up in life and in my business.

The session that I have been going through healing, energetic healing session, quantum healing with Terri Messenger. It was so amazing.
Before the session I have felt very inconsistent in my business is the fair or judgment of showing up, and taking actions. It’s been really really hard for me to do that.

Just by doing this session, I felt so much more calmer, and I felt the energy kind of came up from my ancestors down to my body and filling my whole body with this amazing goal and it filled me up with a lot of love energy. So amazing. Just one session with me say and that healing that she did with me.

She’s the master of transforming energies in your body, in your mind, and in your life. If you ever feel like you are needing some kind of healing for you or you’re feeling you are inconsistent of fear or showing up as I was fear of judgment and so on, wherever you have, she can find whatever is behind the thing to help you change it.

Lenny Heller

I am forever grateful

I am forever grateful to Terri for my transformation during private hypnotherapy sessions and throughout my journey to become a certified NLP Practitioner!

The world is so much richer for having you said YES to your passion. I am yet still to meet another talented hypnotherapist like yourself, you absolutely ROCK in taking people out of hot waters, as you said.

You have inspired me to be a hypnotherapist myself! Thank you for assisting me to open doors to my self-realisation and personal growth.


I was in an amazing Master Class with Terri Messenger a few days ago. It was interesting because I often always feel like a hard cookie in a way – unable to change my beliefs about myself or get over limiting negative beliefs that I’m holding and those beliefs have been blocking abundance flowing into my life.

You have probably done dozens of self-meditations as I have and they are really powerful. This session with Terri was not about that. It was about digging deep into our unconscious mind – changing my beliefs by using hypnosis.

We went deep and it changed something deep inside of me. I see myself differently. I started seeing myself from another person’s viewpoint.

Jaana Pusa

I made $1 million in one month!

I work with Terri as a Lead Generation expert. We’ve been working together for the last one year.

So I want to share an experience that I had by attending one of her lives about almost a year ago. I remember she had this meditation live that was going for about 30 minutes.

I attended and I remember after that session, my life changed my business change. I remember she said that connect to your source of energy and my source of energy is my God. So I closed my eyes and she said, repeat after me. I am a millionaire. I said the same words. And the next few actually the next few weeks because it was in the month of September. I made 1 million.

And let me tell you, it has been the best journey because I no longer am afraid of making big steps.

By attending and being there and repeating these words, my life changed. So you shouldn’t miss and she has so many of her programs.

You should go and click and check out all her programs. You will love it. It will change your life.

SarahDigital Strategist

I am so thankful for Terri and her Master Key program that transformed my life and has helped me help and transform others.

I recommend anyone who would like to help others or even help themselves to take the Master Key program and get started on your life changing journey. Knowledge is key and this master key program is a wealth of knowledge.

I am using this in my own fitness coaching business and use it in everyday life I look forward to continue to work with Terri and keep growing as a fitness coach and NLP coach.

Thank you Terri you are amazing!

Darien JohnsDigital Strategist
A fitness coach personal trainer saying that Terri Messenger's Master Key program has helped to transform his life as well as his clients
Testimonial from Noorain who was able to get the best of her career

Terri is inspiring, she is creative, she is highly intuitive and incredibly intelligent, and she just “knows”!

When I first reached out to Terri, it was during a very dark and confusing time, and I was hoping for answers to all my life dilemmas about my past present and my future.

Her program has been able to move from that uncertain spot into a brighter and fulfilling space because she has given me valuable resources to make the most out of my career opportunities and has reignited the fire within me to remember that I am capable and that I hold the key to easily unlocking change within me and around me.

NoorainModel & Psychology Graduate

Before the session I felt dull, frustrated, dis-empowered, very worried, and kept giving away my power. I was living in the past. I have done this my whole life.

After the session, I feel creative, powerful, inspired, grateful, and vibrant. I have such a different perspective in my life.

I have been in other programs before but the feelings were always temporary. Now it feels like something solid has shifted. It’s my time to move forward and do something different and I can’t wait to work with Terri so I can be my true self.

Maria Strataki

As a therapist, I am so amazed how rapidly Terri releases trauma.

This is a result of the approach that Terri has developed which is summed up in the Master Key program. It is just different modalities and formulas that you can dip into, and you know if you really resonate with one that you recognise where your limiting belief was where the place of pain was and that we are able to release it as quickly as dissolve that. I am so excited to be certified from your program and I look forward with immense joy to serve everyone.

Nicola BurtonTherapist

From constant fighting to a great relationship with my teenage son!

What I really liked about working with Terri was when I first arrived to the session, I was quite exasperated and she validated for me that that was a really good thing and so I felt like I was in really good hands and I was in a safe place while doing the work.

Terri has helped me to see that the problems that I was having in my life with my relationship with my son reflect something that’s going on inside of me. Things happening in my past that might not be resolved.

Overall, I really enjoyed working with Terri she had a wealth of knowledge, wealth of information. She’s very she’s very honest in terms of how she leads the session and how she takes you through and she has an awful lot to say and feed you so that you can you know overcome and you can release I was I was doing a lot of physical releasing a lot of emotional releasing.

Angela Anderson

Shocked my theme park loving husband by conquering my worst fear – going on rollercoasters!

I always knew my husband wanted to go on theme park rides with him. I have always been so fearful, and he used to sit there and make fun of me saying that I was a chicken and would never be able to get on a ride.

I went to Terri as I suppose I wanted to stick it to him. I wanted to break through this horrible fear that I have of theme parks because everyone looks like they enjoy theme parks so much. I wanted to be one of those people too.

I didn’t feel all too different after the session. When we went on the plane on an overseas holiday where he wanted to go onto the rollercoasters, he made fun of me. I kept quiet because I was a little bit skeptical that NLP and hypnosis would work and that maybe I wouldn’t be able to do the ride. So, I wanted to keep it quiet in case I chickened out again.

When I went on the ride this time, it felt like I was being hypnotized. I saw it in a completely different light. We went on even more difficult rollercoasters with a lot of gasping moves. My husband absolutely died when he saw that I jumped onto the ride and enjoyed it!

I felt so happy to be able to finally catch up to him! I wasn’t even really screaming. And to be honest, I would do it again. But seriously, I never ever, ever, ever, ever thought that I would be able to be brave enough to get onto a roller coaster of that magnitude and going upside down. Thank you Terri Messenger you have saved my life and saved my marriage.

Nicole Lopez

I am blown away by how much detail is in the workbook for Terri’s Masterclass.

I was enrolled into Terri’s masterclass for Launch Your Legacy. I am a self-healing coach and I have done quite a lot of work on myself. And I was blown away by how detailed that the workbook was in Terri’s masterclass. It was really, really, clear. I couldn’t believe how much clarity I got from where I am no, I thought I was very clear. But when you’re asked those questions, it’s crazy how your mind starts to really think big and dream big.

I have listened to Terri’s meditations. They’re absolutely mind blowing. They are so detailed, and you can just float away and up into your higher self and get the things you need. And the care that she gives true as the masterclass and the meditations is just unbelievable.

Emma MurraySelf-Healing Coach

Able to give me the quality of life I need after frustrating post-surgery complications

This system of Terri Messenger’s has helped me to be more resilient in life for the things that life throws at me. My biggest breakthrough was literally like having real life changes, such as turning my head after six years of not been able to that helped me do more physically and gave me a quality of life that I didn’t have before.

I released a lot of trauma.

I’ve been able to let go of a lot of negative core beliefs that were limiting me and the one big thing in the first session that was able, you know, I was able to move my neck and recover from surgery quickly as well. So, it’s really improved my life and I just, I just know that I can do well, and I can succeed in anything now that I put my mind to it.


Better than any other ‘Become a Coach’ Training I’ve ever been in!

Terri’s system has changed the way I interpret information and my experiences into everyday life and how simple it is. It’s guide me to impact life and being able to create my own program and develop life changing modules.

Before it’s just seemed so hard to break down all the things I needed to do. And now on every level of my life I have more confidence. And now I feel like it has acknowledged my own blueprint and I feel so appreciative. I have learned so much more knowledge effortlessly.

I tried other coaching systems, and after trying so many things that were just a waste of time, because they could not find the missing gap I had and I wanted to achieve my results, my reality and they had no idea as soon as I came into Terri’s program, she was able to fill in that missing link and the gap because I felt that Terri was able to teach me and if I had done a university degree, it would have taken me three years and during this program I have done it in three months.

MariaMedical Intuitive teacher, Master Energy Healer, and Business Coach for spiritual entrepreneurs

Terri makes it so easy for me to be trained as a Coach!

I’m so excited. I’m a very much a process person. I’ve come from a corporate world of people management. So now I actually get to motivate people that want to be motivated. But it’s easy to start.

Terri has made my life just easy by making the resources that she allows us access to – it’s phenomenal. I’ve never worked with a coach that says, “Hey, take my team, use them all you want and get better.”

You never get a coach that does that. You always get coaches that says, “Oh, yeah, but you need to find your own team. Maybe you know, you need to figure out what you need to tell them.”

I’ve got no idea. I’ve been in lockdown in Melbourne for far too long. I’m a mum of two little boys. So, if it’s not playing outside riding bikes or getting sacks. Anything apart from that doesn’t work.

Terri just magically makes it all come together. And her team are so knowledgeable they are all on the same page. There’s zero questioning about what gets said you have a quick you have a meeting and within half an hour it is designed, the program is set. You have access to the best of the best and it’s just when you invest money. That’s what you want. You want to be able to put your faith into someone to say I’m scared I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what I want to be when I grew up that helped me and that’s what you do. It’s just amazing.

Claire BurtCorporate HR & Coach

Lost weight and developed self-love

By using Terri’s system. I learned to develop self-love and give myself permission to love myself more. I had been holding myself back from accomplishing the things that I wanted to do. I have accomplished the ability to step outside myself. I have a whole lot more energy and more confidence and it’s been so helpful. I let go of a lot of excess kilos, 13 pounds and feel so much more.

Shelly Carr